As an entertainment writer with a horrible memory, I have to take notes during the movie, or I’ll forget everything I wanted to say. So yes, if I’m watching a movie for review purposes you can find me writing notes in the dark while laughing out loud (or rolling my eyes). These are those initial notes below. Hopefully you’ll have fun reading through these notes. A full review will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

spies in disguise movie poster

Is Spies in Disguise Any Good, My Initial Reaction Notes …

“Did you need that mug?” “I needed that coffee!!” Lol Listennn .. I would have died! Go buy me another late or something, cause what is you doing? Lol



Ummm … what?? Lol

GLITTER BOMB!!! Omg! So cute and so smart! I want one! Lol

Awwww! “What’s wrong with weird? The world needs weird!” So very true!

Him and his missing tooth! Loll

Everyone in here eating popcorn and I’m here writing notes! Life! Lol


Yayyyy! Will Smith! I love his character already!

Rats with wings! LMAO

“I fly solo!” – Lance

The first song I noticed was okay.

I want a different song in this scene!

Sleepy, night, night! Lol


OMG! He did NOT! Lol

Glitter bomb! Lol

I love the gadgets! I wonder how many gadgets there are in total?

Wait … freak of nature song … who is this??


Soundtrack is cool!

He forever playing cocky huh? Lol

“Never wash that hand again!” LMAO

OMG another glitter bomb?


Nice watch! *j Cole voice* Lol (How did I know I was gonna be able to use that line? Lol)

Oh shit! Lol

“Cause if I try to fight fire with glitter, I’ll get my face burned off!”

*something about the world with a hug? I can’t read my damn handwriting. Lol*

“You can do more by bringing people together, than by blowing them up.”

Why he gotta say “millennials” like that? Damn! Lol

Is he wiping his fingerprints off though? LOL THE WORST!

He doesn’t wanna fight … he just wants to stop the issues … nicely.

“Sounds a little Scooby Doo bro.” LOL OMG! That line though. Lol Such a millennial thing to say.

Really? They just gon blame the black guy huh?!

In this time an age … this movie touches on being wrongly accused of something just because it LOOKS like it was you.

Awwww … see, being YOU always gets you recognized no matter how much people talk about how weird you are.

Why is the pigeon his roommate tho? The hell! Lol

“Here’s what I need you to do! Pretend you’re a normal person, talking to a much cooler normal person.” LOL OMG! Cocky as hell!


OMG! I LOVE the way the pigeon looks!

“Stop girl, come on!” Lol She really won’t stop rubbing on him. LOL

“You better unbird me RIGHT NOW!” LOL LAWD!

The music is weird … I want this to be funnier.

OMG, look at how they destroyed his entire home because they thought he was inside! Triggering!

I want hip hop songs, pop stuff, to really make this JUMP!

Ohhhhh … DJ Khaled is the _____ …. I just realized! Loll (removed to avoid spoiler)

OMG, THIS was a great choice of music for this scene. Lol Yesss finally!

Thank you for this song! Anderson .PAAK! YES LAWD! All has been redeemed! Lol

“Bond. Hydrogen bond!” LOL (If you don’t get that joke we can’t be friends.)

Omg I’m so happy Anderson .Paak is in this! Lol

Side bar – I’ve found my people! Everyone is taking notes! Lol

Idk if kids need to hear “I like your pum pum girl” but um yeah! (Bad choice of song there!)

I finally laughed out loud! Him and these damn pigeon sounds! Lol

She said something in Spanish and the Spanish speaking folks here laughed … guess it was funny? I don’t know WTF she said! Lol

This nigguh look like a damn bear floating in the pool! Lol

That sound effect was so cute!

“Did you just give that man a refreshing SPRITZ?” LOL

“She is relentless!” – I love how they described her! Normally women are just called a bxch or “difficult”, this was great.

*sings* It takes two to make a thing go right! yesssss … *dancing*

I can’t wait to see what my daughter thinks of this!

“Dude is jeopardy smart.” Lol Yo the ish they have this man saying! LOL These roles fit the actors well.

He talking bout “get your beak out my drink”, boy you’re a pigeon why the hell you tryna drink alcohol in the first place? LOL

“When we fight fire with fire we all get burned.” – That’s right!

“Evil doesn’t care if you’re nice.” – Well damn, come through with the counter argument. Lol But absolutely true!

Oh look at the government being the government! NOW they wanna congratulate him? NOW they like him because he can help? How funny! She was JUST talking bout him!

Kids are gonna love this!

Ohhhhhh … that sound just now, from the right, loved it! (It was just him saying “ohh” but I loved that affect.)

Awwww … this touches on how people are forced to use violence because they think it’s the best answer, they’re crunched for time and they don’t see any other way. They think “good” won’t work fast enough.

Why they made his legs so skinny though? Lol

Ohhhh … the back story as to why the villain is doing this is good!

Oh see, NOW he wanna find another way? Shoulda listened before! Black people hard of hearing. Lol

What song is this?? I like it. THIS is the vibes I needed all movie! Ugh! Lol

Oh those bubbles are awesome! These gadgets are so dopee!

Yesss … another Anderson .Paak song! Lol Y’all gon GET this Anderson .Paak today!

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