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Should WandaVision On Disney Plus Get A Season 2?

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 9 minutes read
should wandavision get a season 2

Is that even a question? Like, come on y’all! Did you even WATCH WandaVision on Disney Plus? ‘Cause if you DID, then you KNOW that this shouldn’t even be a question!

Hell I don’t care WHAT Disney said! Or Marvel Studios says for that matter!

EYE … yes eye … think that the WandaVision series should get a Season 2! And clearly my opinion is the only one that matters here!

Honestly, if they don’t renew WandaVision for another season I’d be highly upset.

(Like my daughter, who threw a mini fit yesterday when she found out the news. Watch her reaction on our Popcorn and Tater Tots Instagram below.)

But in all seriousness, Season 1 of WandaVision left us with the notion that there could possibly be a Season 2!

When the Season ended, if you stayed for both end credit scenes, you saw that Monica got invited to head up to space, and Wanda was in a cabin working on her magic tricks!

So you better believe I wanna see how this sh*t plays out!

I also wanna see if Wanda gets her kids back! Cause why the hell did we hear kid voices? And I’d like a more villainy villain please! Cause Agatha ain’t do it for me.

But since everyone swears up and down we’re not getting a new season, I’m gonna cross my fingers, pray someone starts a petition to change our faith and keep an eye out for a new season announcement, just in case.

Until then …

Click here to read my full review of WandaVision Season 1.

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