“Severance” Episode 7 Recap: 5 Of The Most Insane Moments So Far

by Shaye Wyllie
severance episode 7

Sooooo … I finally finished watching Severance episode 7 this weekend and although the series is still painfully slow, we’ve got some new things to unpack!

And even though I haven’t written a single post about Apple TV Plus’s new series Severance yet, episode 7 was too shocking not to write about!

Because if you’ve been faithfully watching this series each week, you know how hard it’s been waiting for new pieces to the puzzle.

So here’s …

5 Of The Craziest Things That Have Happened On Severance So Far

Spoiler Alert – If you’re not all the way caught up with Severance yet, (meaning you haven’t watched everything, including episode 7) this recap will spoil a lot. So if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’re all caught up.

1. Mark’s wife isn’t dead!

They keep saying she is, but … she’s not! And we’ve already seen her in the show!

From the ending of episode 7, it seems like Mark’s wife is Ms. Casey! Which has to be the craziest bit of information yet!

Am I the only one going crazy about this?

2. Milchick turned on Dylan’s work memories while he was AT HOME!

We didn’t even know they could DO this until recently. And I still haven’t fully recovered from learning this shit.

But also … Milchick didn’t get permission to do this from boss lady soooo … he’s probably in a LOT of trouble right now. Especially since Dylan remembers what happened!

3. Thanks to Milchick, Dylan now knows he has a SON!

Which is eating at his work soul, because that’s all he knows right now about his life. I’d be losing my SHIT too right now if this was me.

I feel so freaking bad for Dylan!

Like, he’s just been minding his business, working for this stupid ass company, being the best employee he can be!

He’s been following ALL the freaking rules! Excited about all the lame rewards!

And they go and do THIS to him?

4. It’s no wonder Dylan flipped his shit at work and bit Milchick.

I mean these people are learning new shit every day, and it’s driving them literally insane not knowing the full story!

I feel so bad for them!

Especially Dylan and Irving, who seem to be taking things the hardest right now.

5. Speaking of Irving, Burt is “retiring”?

We still don’t know if he’s actually retiring, or if they’re gonna kill him because he knows too much. But I got this weird feeling, they’re gonna let him live, and they just want him out of the job, so Irving can behave.

There’s no reason to kill him since once Irving leaves he won’t know Burt.

But I’m still worried. Irving about to lose his cool too! Shit’s about to get real!

So if you haven’t seen Severance yet I totally recommend watching it.

It’s definitely a SLOW burn, but it’s intriguing. I usually hate slow shows, but it’s interesting enough to keep me coming back each week.

And if you HAVE seen it, drop something you thought was crazy in the comments below!

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