Rim Of The World On Netflix Was Way More Intense Than I Expected

by Shaye Wyllie
Rim of the World Netflix Movie Review

I’m not gonna lie, Rim of the World, as a movie title gives me nothing! Not a damn thing! I had no clue what the movie was about when I decided to watch it on Netflix one day. Lol But from the moment I started watching it, I was hooked.

Photo Credit: IMDB

Let me tell you … this black camp counselor, Logan, (black guy on the right pictured above) is a hot mess. Lol He cute, but he a whole damn mess! Lol

I hope that’s not how crazy I look when I greet new kids during Summer Camp. Lmaoooo (But then again, it’s me we’re talking about. Lol I’m kidding I’m definitely not that much of a mess. Lol)

These poor kids! All they wanted to do was NOT go to camp and they end up having to save the world?

Aw man! You gotta watch this for yourself.

Like one day when you’re not busy, invite a friend or two over, grab some popcorn (and some drinks lol) and just watch it. Trust me!

Photo Credit: IMDB

If not because I say so, watch it for their conspiracy theory about Toy Story!

Especially since Toy Story 4 is coming out! LISTEN! Lmaoooo I was dying. And then I had to stop and think, hold the phone, why this shit actually makes sense? Who thought of this!? Lol

You’ll never watch Toy Story the same ever again! Lol

But in all seriousness, Rim of the World was GOOD! I totally recommend you see it. Just make sure there’s no kids around because even though there’s a ton of kids on the cover, this shit is NOT kid friendly. Lol

Here’s a Rim of the World sneak peek:


(I wanted to post the trailer, but I needed this movie to catch you off guard the way it caught me. Lol)

Don’t watch the trailer!

Just kick back and watch the movie. Lol

Rim of the World on Netflix

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