I finally took myself on a movie date this week to see Queen And Slim in theaters and wow! Just wow! Why TF were y’all mad and complaining about this shit again? And for those of you that are complaining did you even WATCH it?

Because Queen and Slim is incredible and hopefully one day I’ll be that great with a pen cause damn that was amazing! 

Queen and Slim is an emotion roller coaster and I’m so damn glad I got on that ride! 

The way I felt after watching the Us movie in theaters is exactly how I felt after watching Queen and Slim! Overjoyed and extremely proud! Proud to be black, proud to have witnessed such genius on screen, proud to even know the writers’ name! Proud as if I personally knew everyone that worked on this movie!

Lena did the damn thing, okay!? 

The story line is extremely smooth! One situation rolls right into the other effortlessly. There’s not a time where I sat there wondering WTF was going on, or felt like something was skipped. It was like listening to someone tell you a story about back in the day, only you could see it play out right in front of you on screen. 

Each emotional impact hits HARD! And not to mention how great the sound effects were cause when I say those impacts hit HARD, the sound effects hit even harder! I bout damn nearly jumped right outta my seat every time someone got shot! I swear! 

And the ending? Aw man! I didn’t even see it coming! I really thought we were gonna get a happy ending, I’m not gonna lie. Lol Not sure why I thought so, but I did. 

Boy was I wrong. 

However the ending was done with such grace that I don’t even mind that heartbreak! The ending actually made the story even better. Life ain’t a Disney movie, or a Tyler Perry rom com! THIS was a REAL story!

This is what REALLY happens TO FCKING DAY! Look around you!

And I get people not wanting to see the news stories on TV in a movie, but I don’t think it’s the same. (And I personally don’t watch the news because it’s so triggering.) Queen and Slim was executed in a way that doesn’t make you focus on the trauma, it makes you focus on the positivity throughout the trauma.

When they stopped for a second date while on the run! Who fcking does that??? Who says … shit lemme get a second date real quick, I’ll buy you a drink! Lol

If you focus on the trauma that’s ALL you’re going to see!

But I think this was made for us to look BEYOND trauma. Yes, they shot a cop, who shot at them first, in self defense, and no one is gonna believe them.

Yes they’re running for their lives. But then they stop for a second date and for those few moments everything is okay in the world! Also … look at how everyone around them helped them!

They wouldn’t have gotten that far had people not helped! That’s a message in itself, but y’all won’t even hear that message because y’all so damn focused on the trauma!

queen and slim movie poster

Anyway … now I just sound like I’m screaming at y’all and I’m not!

I just want y’all to understand that I ALMOST didn’t go see this movie and I woulda missed out on a GREAT movie because folks kept talking about black trauma and that ain’t my thing! Comedy, animations, rom coms … those are my genres of choice, so of course I wasn’t about to go watch something that was gonna make me cringe the entire time. But Queen and Slim doesn’t make me cringe!

It’ll make you jump out yo seat, cuss the actors, laugh, feel, hold ya breathe and then laugh some more … but it definitely won’t make you cringe!

So the same way I told y’all to go see Us, is the same way I’m telling y’all to go see Queen and Slim! It was way more than I anticipated!

And if you need a date, let me know, cause I’ll go again! Lol 

Have you seen Queen and Slim yet? Check out what went through my head as I watched the Queen and Slim movie in theaters here.

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Queen And Slim Movie Review_ Lena Waithe is a beast!

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