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I’m Not Happy With The First ‘Party Of Five’ Episode

Freeform’s Party of Five reboot premiere episode is currently now on Hulu, despite the show premiering on Freeform tomorrow, Jan 8th. Actually, it’s been on Hulu for the last few days, I just haven’t had time to check it out. But I finally made time tonight because I’m a huge fan of Freeform! I was really excited to see their Party of Five reboot, so it saddens me to write this review right now.

party of five freeform reboot review

So Where Do I Start With This Party Of Five Reboot Review?

Freeform’s new Party of Five reboot lacks emotion in a few places and faces.

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At first I couldn’t really tell why I didn’t like Freeform’s Party of Five reboot, and honestly I almost didn’t bother writing this review. But then their mom and dad were deported, and it hit me.

The show lacks emotion!

Party of Five touches on our current immigration situation and how families are being torn apart because they’re in the USA undocumented.

(P.s – They’ve always been here undocumented, the United States of America just randomly decided eh we no longer want these people around, so lets just start rounding em up and kicking em out.)

Which funny enough, the dad even mentions to the cops when they enter his restaurant to arrest him that he’s “never had this problem before” despite multiple cops passing by. But times change, so moving on. That’s not really the point here.

The point is, I’m disappointed.

As I mentioned before I LOVE Freeform, but Party of Five doesn’t captivate me the way The Bold Type, Grownish or Good Trouble does.

The entire time I was watching this I kept trying to figure out why something felt off. I wasn’t into it. I even had time to look at my phone and look away from the screen. Which usually isn’t the case. I’m usually all in when it comes to Freeform.

But I mean … the little girl cried, and I felt nothing. Hell, when she spoke, I immediately thought “well that felt fake”. And Lord knows I hate talking ill about kids and their acting. Lol But it just didn’t feel right.

party of five premiere

She’s not the only one that lacks emotion either. How about as her mom and dad are leaving, with the other adults, no one else outside her family is crying! I mean, were the background actors being paid just to stand there?

You mean to tell me their family members left too and they weren’t hurt? Not even a little bit? Cause wasn’t NO ONE else crying but the kids (barely) and their parents!


And then there’s another point in the show where the older brother wants the people in his house to leave, and he’s just like okay they need to go. Wait, hold on!

Did you just walk into a house full of strangers, maybe a day or two after your parents were deported and the only emotion you have right now is meh?

It’s hard for me to believe that a 24 year old would walk in on his teenage sibling throwing a party and not scream GET THE F*CK OUT and scare everyone off.

But maybe that’s just my anger issues talking? I don’t know, you tell me.

The most emotional part of this show is when their parents had to leave.

I pretty much almost cried looking at their mom. And the way their dad held it together, and told the story about how they came to America when his oldest was just a baby, touched me.

I could FEEL his hurt, despite the fact that he wasn’t crying like his wife.

But the kids are the main characters in this show, and I’m just not attached to them! Not at all! Which sucks, since this is THEIR show, huh? There’s no mom or dad for emotional support here you guys, literally! Lol They’ve been deported! They gone!

This show can’t stand on the backs of their performance, so for their sake I’m hoping they get it together in episode two! Because I really, really wanted to like this! The plot would make for an incredible series.

But off the strength of this first episode? Nah! If I didn’t have faith in Freeform, I wouldn’t even bother with the second episode. But I’m gonna give it one more shot before I call it quits. So I’ll have an update once I watch episode two.

But in the mean time …

Do me a favor and check it out yourself on Hulu or on Freeform’s website, and let me know what you think. Cause maybe I’m just tripping?

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about! Lol

party of five reboot

About Freeform’s Party Of Five

Party of Five follows the Acosta siblings, Emilio, Lucia, Beto, Valentina and baby Rafa, as they struggle to stay together in the wake of their parents’ deportation.

Forced to shoulder professional and parenting responsibilities for which they are ill-equipped, the siblings must grow up quickly.

Their journey is full of challenges as they find themselves having to defer their dreams, face prejudice and discrimination, and make sacrifices for each other. The Acostas must come to terms with who they are as a family and as Americans.

The show stars Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado, Brandon Larracuente, Elle Paris Legaspi, as four of the five siblings.

Watch Party of Five on Freeform here or watch it here on Hulu.

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