28 Thoughts I Had While Watching Palm Springs On Hulu

Palm Springs movie Hulu
Palm Springs -- When carefree Nyles (Andy Samberg) and reluctant maid of honor Sarah (Cristin Milioti) have a chance encounter at a Palm Springs wedding, things get complicated when they find themselves unable to escape the venue, themselves, or each other. Sarah (Cristin Milioti) and Nyles (Andy Samberg), shown. (Photo by: Jessica Perez/Hulu)

So I watched Palm Springs a few days ago, which is a new Hulu original movie and it was … I guess you can say, better than what I expected? I mean, if you pay attention to my site then you know it’s Netflix this and Netflix that, and that’s honestly because Hulu rarely ever has an original movie or series that I LOVE!

Which is pretty sad because I love Hulu, despite the fact that I only use it to watch shows I can’t watch live on TV.

Anywho … so I watched this hoping that I’d finally love something Hulu has released this year and yeah no. I mean … I didn’t HATE it, but I don’t absolutely LOVE it. (Not the way some folks are raving about it online.) As I said before it was way better than I expected, and I’m glad I forced myself to finish it.

But if I had to FORCE myself to finish it, then you already know this shit wasn’t THAT great.

Anywho …

Here Are 28 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Palm Springs Movie

Palm Springs Hulu

1. Well, this is starting off weird.

2. The fact that she’s saying “omg, shit, shit” while he’s masturbating and looking at her, is just. *smh*

3. Pizza floatie!!!

4. This mofo opened a soda during the wedding!?

5. Misty is annoying AF!

6. That was the worst wedding speech ever!

7. Awwww he saved her.

8. How is HE giving such a good speech?

9. This is weird.

10. How does a wedding guest who was invited look like such a party crasher?!

11. So they’re both cheating at the same time?

12. And I thought this was weird before? 

13. Why is he hunting him?!

14. I’m so tired of this story … reliving the same day over and over again, but let’s see how this one is different.

15. I love how movies that have folks who can’t die say they can still feel pain. *rolls eyes* Why do they have to feel pain? Why can’t y’all imagine a world with immortals who don’t feel pain!?

16. Omg! He tried to cut in on a FIRST dance!

17. He just said his memory is shot, but then also told her EVERYONE he’s had sex with? But he can’t remember if he had sex with her? The LIES!!!!

18. I guess this is meant to show us what it’s like to have someone to enjoy life with? No matter how sucky life is?

19. They just going around doing dumb shit together! Actually I want someone to be this dumb with, or at least watch him be this dumb while I laugh. 

20. You don’t need to watch this the entire time. It’s something you can watch while working and still get it and enjoy it.

21. Why is it that she can tell him about her life but he can’t?

22. I wonder why he’s so closed off.

23. Her looking at him and smiling while he sleeps is a whole mood.

24. Now he wanna miss her? Annoying ass! But when she was tryna talk to him and get to know him he kept beating around the bush. Why don’t men appreciate women when they have them?

25. Sis dead learned quantum physics!

26. Why do men have to learn the hard way?

27. Wait so he gon let her go AGAIN? 

28. Okay, so this was weird, but it wasn’t bad, definitely cute to watch with a friend.

Have you seen Palm Springs yet? If so, what did you think of it? If not …

Click here to watch Palm Springs on Hulu.

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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