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Y’all The Captain Marvel Sequel Is Gonna Be Directed By Nia DaCosta And I’m Totally Freaking Out

OMFG! I’m about to lose it! I SWEAR TA GAWD! Did they just say Nia DaCosta is directing the Captain Marvel sequel? SON!


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We ain’t even get her Candyman greatness yet and they’re just gonna throw this shit at us? Like here, hold this news real quick!

OMG! I’m losing my mind right now! I knew not to count 2020 out just yet, but this right here, this is making me super hopeful and excited to see what else is gonna happen this year!

Entertainment really took a hit this year but this right here? If they keep this shit up it’s all gonna work out! It’s going to be just fine!

We keep screaming put Black folks in the writer’s rooms and put them behind the scenes, not just on-screen, and it seems like folks are listening!?

Let me tell y’all right now if they don’t personally call me to attend the Captain Marvel 2 Red Carpet Premiere when this thang drops I’m going to be highly upset.

Okay, okay … I’ll take an email invite, fine, I don’t need a personal phone call.

But just make sure my name is on the list so I can cover TF outta this! I got y’all I promise!

Here’s the facts …

According to Deadline  …“DaCosta will take over for Anna Bodn and Ryan Fleck, who directed the first Captain Marvel movie to massive box office success. Marvel is known for switching up its directors on its popular franchises like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to give the next installment a fresh voice, and had been meeting with candidates for the past couple of months. Although the studio met with several individuals, DaCosta seemed to have the edge for some time. Megan McDonnell, a story editor on the Marvel-based series WandaVision, penned the script for the Captain Marvel sequel, with Brie Larson returning to star.”

And there we have it you guys!

Nia Da f*cking Costa will be directing the Captain Marvel sequel and I can not WAIT!

I watched the first movie with my daughter in theaters and it was great, so to have Nia on the sequel? Plus there’s a Black Panther sequel coming? It’s about to be LIT!

Movie theaters gon’ be stocked in no time … okay … maybe, we’ll see about all that! But this will take some time to complete so by then Corona should be gone. *whew*

Aw man, this was the news I needed tonight!

YES! I can’t wait!

What do you guys think about Nia DaCosta directing the Captain Marvel sequel?


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