So are y’all not mad right now? Is it just me? Have y’all seen the new lion king posters?

This new Timon and Pumbaa is TRASH!

Do it again Disney! The same way them folks over there is redoing Sonic the Hedgehog because he wasn’t done right, is the SAME way I need the folks over here at Disney to redo Timon and Pumbaa!

Like WTF is this shit?

How the HELL did Disney go from this …

To this shit …

Like seriously now? I don’t even wanna see The Lion King no more! I’M DONE!

I don’t care what Childish Gambino (sorry Donald Glover) sounds like as Simba, and I ain’t NEVER cared what Beyonce sounded like. I’m done!

Timon and Pumbaa are LEGIT my favorite characters from The Lion King, and THIS is how they do them?

IDC if this is a live action and that’s how real animals look sis! IDC! IDC! IDC!

What they NOT gon do is expect me to be okay with these creepy looking animals, when they used to have these cute, friendly cartoonish animals!

I can’t even SEE these ugly looking animals being funny! Nope! Just can’t. I don’t care if Seth Rogen is the voice of Pumbaa! I want the old cartoon version back! Look at this foolishness!

NO! Just NO! Like this is ridiculous!

Pumbaa don’t even look happy! Timon just look stupid as hell! Like why Disney, why?

When I shared about Aladdin a few days ago, EVERYONE made a mention about how Disney BETTER not screw up The Lion King, and guess what Disney did?


Like seriously … is ANYONE happy with the way these characters look?

Speak now or forever hold your peace!

And if you are … just get off my site. Bye!

Cause you a whole damn lie! Lol Don’t NOBODY like the way they look, stop it!

I’m seriously mad as hell at these new posters right now! I mean, yeah I saw them in the trailer, but hell … that’s really how they’re gonna look?

Freaking killing me right now! I’m done!