6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend’s D23 Expo

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably like me, someone who stayed home and watched the D23 Expo happen via the internet, because they weren’t in attendance. Lol However, that doesn’t mean we can’t FEEL like we were there! During the D23 Expo 6 new Disney+ trailers were released, and I’ve included them all below (along with what I thought about each) so we can both feel like we attended.

The Mandalorian

Set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order, The Mandalorian follows the travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic. You can see the incredible trailer for yourself below, and binge the series on Disney+ beginning November 12.

My thoughts on The Mandalorian trailer

Okay, so why haven’t I seen Star Wars yet? Lol Yes, yes, I know, I’m WAY behind here, but after watching this trailer, which feels more like a movie trailer than a streaming platform series trailer, I’m convinced I need to watch ALL the movies so I can be in the loop for when this releases!

P.s – The sound in this trailer is on point! My damn! Lol I’m actually looking forward to this now! When I first posted about all the new shows Disney+ was getting a few months ago, I didn’t really care about this one, since I’ve never seen the movies, but this trailer definitely has me interested!

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

The 10-episode scripted series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, set at the real-life East High, where the original movie was filmed, follows a group of students as they count down to opening night of their school’s first-ever production of High School Musical. D23 Expo attendees were the first to see a brand-new trailer for the series, which stars Joshua Bassett, Oliva Rodrigo, Matt Cornett, Sofia Wylie, Julia Lester, Larry Saperstein, Dara Reneé, Frankie A. Rodriguez, Kate Reinders, and Mark St. Cyr.

You can see the start of something new in the High School Musical franchise right now:

My thoughts on The High School Musical series trailer

Ha! The ending of this trailer is so freaking cute! Lol However, I’m confused! So this is a series about the school that they recorded the High School Musical movie in, performing the High School Musical movie as a play at their school?

Who the hell thought of this friggin concept and why? Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, and I’m probably gonna watch it, because it’s a musical and there’s dancing, but W T F? Sigh. Lol Folks need new ideas! Bring out a damn Harry Potter series or something, damn! Lol

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo

Lady and the Tramp

In the timeless re-telling of the 1955 animated classic, a pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on an unexpected adventure and, despite their differences, grow closer and come to understand the value of home.

Take a look at the first trailer, below, and see if you fall in love with the precious pups—as Yvette Nicole Brown did, who was at the D23 Expo. During the D23 Expo panel, Brown also revealed that one of Rose’s doubles, Harley, found a fur-ever home with her.

My thoughts on The Lady and The Tramp movie trailer

Ummm … okay! This is cute and whatever, because I’m biased and I love dogs! But what’s the actual point of this again? This trailer doesn’t even make me WANT to see the movie! I’m just sitting here highly confused as to why they’re remaking THIS movie out of all the movies that haven’t been remade yet. Lol

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo


The holidays kicked off early, as stars Anna Kendrick and Billy Eichner unveiled a trailer for the film that will premiere on Disney+ on November 12.

Anna Kendrick told Disney fans, “I’ve always wanted to be in a Christmas movie. My family and I have movies that we watch every year. We watch The Muppet Christmas Carol—we know all the words—and the idea that I have the opportunity to be in a movie that could be something that families watch together this Christmas, and it becomes part of their tradition and they have favorite scenes and they can’t wait to put it on is just so amazing and I was so happy to have the opportunity.”

In the upcoming holiday comedy, Kris Kringle’s daughter is full of Christmas spirit and holiday fun, but wishes she could do something “important” like her beloved brother Nick, who will take over from their father this Christmas.

When Nick is about to crumble like a gingerbread cookie from all the pressure, Noelle suggests he take a break and get away, but when he doesn’t return, Noelle must find her brother and bring him back in time to save Christmas.

My thoughts on Noelle movie trailer

Awww, this is so cute! Lol My daughter has been asking to watch one of the Christmas movies we watched on Netflix last year, so I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be excited for this! This also definitely makes me excited about Christmas! Lol

However, you know what’s REALLY exciting? A Christmas movie about a woman being badass! (And not the Bad Moms Christmas movie, cause that was eh. Lol) This is gonna be so cute, and I can’t wait to cuddle up with my daughter with some hot cocoa to watch this movie!

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

The mind of actor Jeff Goldblum has to be a pretty fascinating place to visit—and we’ll get to do just that in this new series from National Geographic. Over the weekend, Goldblum, the series’ star and host, previewed a first trailer for The World According to Jeff Goldblum… where nothing is ever as it seems.

My thoughts on The World According to Jeff Goldblum trailer

This looks like something I’d watch with my dad! Lol My dad’s a real big fan of watching stuff like this, and I could see us bonding over this series on the weekends. But aside from that you won’t see me pulling this open on my own just to watch it.

As cute as it seems.

6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend's D23 Expo



Self-described “musical theater junkie” Kristen Bell debuted a trailer for Encore!, the series that brings together former castmates of high school musicals for the most entertaining high school reunion we can possibly imagine, as we watch them re-create their original performance years after they last performed it. “For me, musical theater in high school was the time that I discovered who I was. I wouldn’t be standing here today if it weren’t for my musical theater club,” Bell shared.

Encore! will celebrate real people. “Extraordinary talent is not the point. Professional talent is not the point,” said Bell. “We are taking former high school musical theater casts and reuniting them—anywhere from millennials to baby boomers—getting them back on stage for their encore performance.” Check out the trailer, below.

My thoughts on the Encore! trailer

I’m not gonna lie this almost made me cry! If you read my last post about the D23 Expo and how it made me realize something about being a mom and a blogger, then you know that I was supposed to act in high school and never got the chance to perform.

There’s also something in there about a Glee audition I never did? Lol So yeah! And with my recent realization of how much I do love movies and tv shows, and not just watching them, but also how they’re made, this is definitely something I can watch! I’ve always wanted one of those “second chance” moments, but it’ll be great to just watch it play out for someone else! I’m totally looking forward to this!

Oh! Disney D23 Expo attendees not only got to preview a ton of shows, they also got the opportunity to be the first to subscribe to Disney+ with a special “Founders Circle” offer, granting $23 off per year with a three-year commitment, averaging out to be 33 percent off the standard annual price.

As an added bonus, they will receive an exclusive “Founders Circle” pin (exclusively at D23 Expo). The offer was open to all D23 Expo guests during the D23 Expo (August 22–25); and will be available online from August 26 through September 2 exclusively for D23 Members.

But for us regular folk … Disney+ is available for a monthly price of $6.99 USD or an annual rate of $69.99 USD. Visit to learn more about the service, and subscribe to my blog via email for all the Disney+ news that’s still to come.

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6 New Disney+ Trailers Debuted At This Weekend’s D23 Expo

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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