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Live Recap: 39 Thoughts I Had While Watching Nia DaCosta’s New Candyman Movie

Thanks to Universal Pictures, I got to watch the new Candyman movie and participate in a Twitter Watch Party with one of the actresses from the film a few days ago. So I finally get to post my thoughts.

Here Are 39 Thoughts I Had While Watching The New Candyman Movie

  1. I really hate when horror films start off with happy music like I don’t know death is coming.
  2. That hole in the wall. I knew something was suspicious. I would NOT be down here as a kid!
  3. The Black art! I can’t wait to have a house full of it!
  4. I really love this conversation.
  5. It’s him randomly wanting to tell a scary story tho. No sir. We don’t want this! I don’t want this!
  6. Pause. This man foine as hell. Fr fr.
  7. This why Black folks don’t tell scary stories. Look at this man doing a deep dive now. Now we need ALL the details. We just nosey!
  8. Omgggg y’all remember that year we had to be careful because they said there was razor blades in our Halloween candy?!
  9. I know this boy ain’t actually TAKE this candy!
  10. The police brutality … in a horror film … will probably never get old because of how scary it really is!
  11. FYI my lights on y’all.
  12. Okay but if THATS his story why is he killing?
  13. I wonder if Yahya & Teyonah were actually scared about saying Candyman at all while filming. I don’t even wanna HEAR it.
  14. Ohhhh! The art when you open the mirror tho!
  15. The way I wanna slap this white critic tho! Say what now?
  16. Omg! My fave from Hacks!
  17. Did he really just ask if this is real? You think Black people play about they name sir?
  18. Yeah no. I don’t like this. I’m glad the lights on.
  19. Not this lady again! And every word she says makes me more angry! Because people are really like this!
  20. Not him daring her. Stop it.
  21. Okay but if you tell someone to say Candyman 5x and they do is that homicide or? Asking for a friend.
  22. His hand is making me mad. Why his skin look BURNT! What am I missing?
  23. My sound is too loud. I should know better. Horror thrives on sound.
  24. How many Candymen are there?? One ain’t enough?
  25. Let someone I’m dating mention Candyman is real and I’m OUT!
  26. She just got lipstick to waste?
  27. Look at these dumb kids. Gen Z be like.
  28. Oh no. That’s how Black girl got caught up in this? Omgggg! Nooo!
  29. See. I knew his hand wasn’t just a bee sting.
  30. Okay. So folks always say I lied to protect you! But it never works that way. If they don’t know what they’re running from how can they avoid it?
  31. Kids at school if she didn’t lie: So I heard Candyman yo daddy! That true?
  32. See. My girl Teyonah smart! Open door? Look down? NOPE!
  34. I shoulda known the song was coming back!
  35. This looking like the best answer to “what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on”. “Well there was that one time I dated the Candyman.”
  36. How you arrest the folks asking for help? Sound familiar?
  37. My mouth is literally wide opening!
  38. The cops with everything that’s already happened is A LOT!
  39. She really about to … no sis. Don’t.

So yeah, I just wanted to share my initial thoughts before sharing my full review.

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Here’s a quick review of Candyman if you hate horror films, along with my favorite quotes from the film.

Candyman is now available online for purchase.

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