A few days ago, someone posted on my Facebook page and asked if I had checked out Mindy Kaling’s new Netflix series called Never Have I Ever yet.

It was on my watch list, but I hadn’t gotten around to watching it. So I watched the first episode of Never Have I Ever so I could get this review up ASAP.

I know it’s only based on the first episode, but listen, I have a TON of shit to watch, so most shows only get one chance to hook me before I move on. Lol

Anywho, here are my thoughts based on the first episode.

Never Have I Ever Review

Never Have I Ever netflix

Never Have I Ever is insanely relatable, like OMG …

Seconds into the first episode of Never Have I Ever, I was laughing out loud at how silly this girl is! I mean I absolutely love her!

And this show feels SO authentic and relatable!

Like … if you went to a public High School in Brooklyn, then you can probably relate to this. I’m not sure what everyone else’s High School was like, but growing up in Brooklyn, I always had a mixed population of kids at school.

So I always hung out with Asians, Latinos, Indians, etc. etc.

Growing up here in Brooklyn, it didn’t matter where you came from, just as long as we had the same damn humor so we could get through these classes together. Lol

So when Devi asked for a boyfriend and said she didn’t care if he was dumb, I felt that. Lol I remember being in JHS / HS and looking around me wondering what was wrong with me, and why no one liked me. It often felt like everyone else had a boyfriend, and I wanted one too.

And the same way she asked her counselor if she was ugly, I know I asked myself that a couple of times too. (Which, by the way, that part made me super sad because I’ve had a kid in middle school ask me the exact same thing when I worked for an After School program a few years ago.)

However, Never Have I Ever was so damn relatable I even bust out laughing when Devi got mad at her cousin for having a “husband shipped to her in the mail”.

Sis was mad because she couldn’t get a man and her cousin was literally having men shipped to her. FYI this “shipped husband” was a god damn arranged marriage! Lol

Oh, and can we talk about how her crush is a junior and failed history so he had to retake it and that’s how he ended up in her sophomore class? Do you know how many foine ass dudes were in my classes because they failed a class? Lol I actually ended up talking to one from my Spanish class a few years after High School.

Never Have I Ever Netflix Review
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But despite its relatable humor, it’s just not for me, it feels really elementary and childish …

Normally I LOVE teen dramas and Netflix series that are clearly meant for teens. But for some reason, I’m not dying to watch the next episode. So I’m not really sure if I wanna keep watching this.

As I said before, I have a TON of stuff to watch, and if I’m not hooked by the end of episode one, I’ll probably move on. I think I needed a bit more drama in this episode to hook me to keep watching.

Like, I really don’t care if she has sex with her crush or not!

That’s not enough to make me wanna watch the next episode. Maybe it would for an actual teenager, or even someone in middle school, but not I says the cat.

I still don’t get why kids are so excited to have sex in High School!

Especially with people, they don’t even care about. So I guess this part of the story doesn’t really interest me? And because that was the note it ended on, I’m not sure I wanna continue.

However, when I get some free time, I’ll watch the next episode and see if I change my mind. Because honestly, I almost didn’t watch episode 2 of Outer Banks either, and now I’m completely done with that and impatiently waiting for season 2. Lol

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Never Have I Ever series
Photo Credit: Netflix

Overall, Never Have I Ever is super cute and totally funny, if you can relate to it.

But so far it doesn’t call me. I could totally see this being a show I watch with my kid if she was a little older though.

So if you have kids in middle school this might be your jam!

Also, I absolutely loved that Devi’s moms’ Indian accent sounded authentic, but that Devi’s accent was totally American. All the kids I knew had American accents! But then when you met their parents it was like WHOA wait, y’all really ain’t from here huh? Lol So little details like that really make me enjoy tv shows like this. 

But for now, I haven’t been compelled to finish this series, so I’ll move on and come back to it later on. However, if you’re not currently binging anything, watch the first episode and see how you like it for yourself!

Click here to watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix.

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