5 Questions I Need Answers To After Watching Episode 1 Of DC’s New “Naomi” Series

by Shaye Wyllie
naomi series episode 1 questions

So over the weekend, I checked out episode 1 of Ava DuVernay’s new DC series “Naomi” on The CW app, and I’m kinda digging it.

But would I be me if I didn’t have questions!?

Despite my love for tv shows that are based on comic books, I don’t ever read them! So of course I’m always lost. But that’s usually okay, because having questions is what keeps me watching every week. Anywho … I say that all to say …

Here Are 5 Questions I Need Answers To After Watching Episode 1 Of DC’s New “Naomi” Series

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Is Naomi gay??? 

During episode 1, the show hints that one of Naomi’s comic-loving friends, may have a crush on her. Actually, her mom is the one who says it out loud. But Naomi also has an ex-boyfriend, who’s clearly still in love with her.

But we don’t know why they broke up yet, so it’s unclear if Naomi is gay, or if she’s actually bi. Which is the one I’m leaning towards to.

Is Dee her dad or something?

Why does he know so much about Naomi’s past? Who the hell is he?

We know there’s a connection between the two, especially since he says she’s “one of them”. But we still don’t know what that connection is! And I’m dying to know!

Who the hell is Zumbado?!

It’s clear that they’re hinting that he’s the villain here. Although, I’m not quite sure he really is the villain. But I do wanna know who TF he is!

He’s creepy, and he gives me Dr. Facilier vibes.

But it seems like he’s just an outcast because of his powers. So hopefully we find out exactly what those powers are, and who the hell he really is.

Is she Superman’s daughter?

Naomi has a super popular Superman fan site, as he’s clearly her favorite superhero. But with her fixation on him, and everything everyone else is hiding. Along with the way her body reacts when “he’s near”, I’m starting to wonder what’s her relationship with Superman?

Zumbado is actually the one that hints at them possibly having a relationship, when he laughs at her for not realizing who she is.

What does Dee know? What is he hiding? Why is he hiding?

Okay, so I get that this is three questions, but I seriously need to know what Dee is up to. I don’t think he’s one of the bad guys, but he’s clearly hiding a lot! And I need to know why! Did Naomi’s parents make him stay away from her? What happened!!

Hopefully we get some answers in episode 2, because it’s killing me! However …

Naomi premieres on The CW every Tuesday at 9pm. Don’t forget you can also watch it on The CW app afterwards as well.

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