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My Initial Reaction To Disney Plus’s New Christmas Comedy, Noelle

As an entertainment writer with a horrible memory, I have to take notes during the movie, or I’ll forget everything I wanted to say. So yes, if I’m watching a movie for review purposes you can find me writing notes in the dark while laughing out loud (or rolling my eyes). These are those initial notes below. Hopefully you’ll have fun reading through these notes. A full review will be posted shortly, so stay tuned! (And please don’t count how many times I screamed “oh shit”. Lol)

Is Noelle Any Good? My Initial Reaction Notes

This is gonna be SO good!

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Is that her shoes? Lol

Awww … when Santa is your dad!

OMGarland! Oh my garland needs to be a hashtag!

Yeah, the hat don’t fit bruh! Lol

It’s cold! 8 degrees but they only have a jacket and a shirt on? How fcking cold is it really if you ONLY need a shirt? Lol

Dang he don’t even LOOK like Santa! Lol

These god damn tech elves! Lol

All she does is make cards? TF? Oh and sing? Okay cinderella! *rolls eyes* Lol

This card from an adult is um … underwhelming! Sorry sis! Lol

Yay! Music. Love it!

This soundtrack is gonna be dope if the songs are all like this!

They really ice skate everywhere!

Lawd this nigguh sick! LOL

Shit! She said put some respect on his NAME! He’s not cousin Nick he’s SANTA! Lol

Already getting the “woman knows everything, man knows nothing, but still gets job” vibes.

Know what would make this even MORE relatable? If she was black.

Well damn, everyone wants an iPad?

What year is this? Don’t all kids already have iPads? Lol


It’s hard training a man huh sis? Lol

Never have I EVER had hot chocolate with peppermint. Lol

Santa wants to get away! Sounds like mom life. Lol

She REALLY refers to him as Santa! It’s so weird, cause it’s her damn brother. Lol

“But I’m in the tech department and LOVING IT.” Poor thing! Lol

So they just gon make the dude who don’t even WANT the job and in a WHOLE different department Santa?

Great! Now it’s her fault he didn’t come back? Why is it ALWAYS our fault when our OLDER brother messes up?

That sound affect was weird!

“What’s between Maui and San Juan?” Me thinking: Florida? Actual: Phonix! Lawd! LOL

“Phoenix, that sounds horrible!” Lol RIGHT! (Maybe I should go visit first before I judge! Lol)

Side bar: *tries to use my Raising Dion powers to summon my bag because I’m starving and I left my bag up front* Didn’t work! Lol

Oh lord! Here goes the techie! Lol

Online sir? NO! That’s not how Christmas works Santa! Loll

“Well he looks nice and polite, so I know I haven’t dated him.” OH SHIT! LOL

Sis just invite him to Hawaii! Lol

Yo! They faces! Lol These reindeer mad AF! Lol They throwing bird seed at them tryna feed them. Fcking humans yo! Lol

Ohhhh this song lit! Lol What kinda music is this? Detroit? Jump? Bounce? (I’m a failure for not knowing this. Lol)

It’s warm in Phoenix during Christmas time?

Where’s Phoenix again? Loll Shit I suck! Shoulda payed more attention in school, huh? LOL

Sis paid her private investigator in CHOCOLATE GOLD COINS! Lol

Ehhhh … cute dude with ex wife drama! Lol NVM!

Damn! Sure they not in NYC? The way people ignoring them! Lol

He walked away a little too far with his phone tho! Lol The New Yorker in me thinks this is suspect as hell! Lol

Nigguh named his tech thing Falalala! Lol

Why he gotta be from Brooklyn? Lol

Noooooo they feeding these damn reindeers popcorn and shit! Lol Now they eating churros? Lol

Side bar: I also gotta pee!!! Lol

I don’t like this new techie Santa! Lol

Little boy looks familiar, but from where tho?

OH SHIT she just signed! She knows ALL the languages!

Is this Target? Lol

Yogurt pants! LOL

Awwww I feel bad for this kid.

I bet he just wants his family together, like duh, and maybe an iPad? Since EVERYONE wants one? LOL

Wow he just said he feels like a camp counselor? So you don’t feel like a dad? THATS YOUR KID!! TF!!

OMG! She ate sunblock! LOL

Why is he SO excited to see her? Didn’t he run away? Lol

Santa tryna deliver presents via Amazon Prime! LOL (How much did Amazon pay for that advertisement? Lol)

Yessss these renditions of these songs are great!

No one sees her craziness? Lol

She still thinks he’s the person that can fix everything and it’s sad.

It’s crazy how I can see all the signs that she’s the person for the job but can’t see that for myself!

Awww these Christmas wishes make me wanna cry!

Everyone getting text messages from Santa!! LOL

I always see Peets Coffee, is it that good? Lol

Now he’s bribing a cop? He’s going to jail too! Lol

The writing of this is so cute! It’s honestly not as good as some of the Netflix Christmas movies I’ve seen though.

“Can you see love? Can you see sorrow? Can you see joy? Is there anything realer than that?”

I like the messages in this movie but it lacks something.

These nigguhs playing cards! Lol

Choir singing about missing Santa and the black guy is hilarious! Lol

OMG this is making me wanna cry!

“I know Christmas can’t solve all our problems but it gives us hope.”

I get it! She’s scared. She knows everything she needs to. She has ALL the power to do it, but she’s scared!

OMG, imposter syndrome much?

“Know what I’m scared of? Some kid waking up and seeing me and saying you’re not Santa!” That’s me, omg.

OMG! I get it now! So the clothes don’t fit (literally) until she BELIEVES in herself. We don’t fit into our new world, or our new life, new job, whatever it is, until we believe we belong there! Omg I’m gonna cry because this is so me!

Who the HELL left macaroons? LOL

This really isn’t THAT great! I wanna LOVE it, but I don’t. I like it, not love it. But I LOVE the messages in this, it’s just missing something.

OMG why does them singing merry Christmas Santa make me wanna cry?

OMG I’m really gonna cry!

Traditions change! Things change!

What happened to the Ho Ho Ho after Merry Christmas tho? Lol

Click here to read my full review of Noelle.

About Noelle

In Disney+’s holiday comedy “Noelle,” Kris Kringle’s daughter is full of Christmas spirit and holiday fun, but wishes she could do something “important” like her beloved brother Nick, who will take over for their father this Christmas. When Nick is about to crumble like a gingerbread cookie from all the pressure, Noelle suggests he take a break and get away…but when he doesn’t return, Noelle must find her brother and bring him back in time to save Christmas.

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My Initial Reaction To Disney Plus's Noelle

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