5 Movies That Made Me Wish I Went To A HBCU

by Shaye Wyllie
hbcu movies

As a kid with immigrant parents, who thought perfect scores weren’t good enough, I didn’t take college as seriously as I wish I would have. So I never got to attend a HBCU, despite always loving movies about them.

Hell, I almost didn’t make it to college! Trying to be perfect, and always coming up short, took a toll on me that lead to bad decisions in High School. So when it came time for college, I didn’t really give it much thought.

I picked a few schools, and then picked the one furthest away from home and dipped! Years later, I still kind of regret it. Til this day, these movies make me wish I went to a HBCU!

5 Movies That Made Me Wish I Went To A HBCU

Stomp The Yard

stomp the yard hbcu movies

Stomp the Yard came out back when Chris Brown was popular, but he wasn’t the reason I loved it, despite being a CB fan. Nope! It was Columbus Short foine ass for me!

Along with the love story between him and Meagan Good, the fraternity rivalries, stepping, and dancing! Til this very day, Stomp the Yard is one of my favorite movies!


Drumline hbcu movies

Yup, Drumline was it for me! I still wanna learn how to play the drums, and this movie is a big reason why! Every now and then I wonder if I’m too old to join a marching band.

Fun fact – When I applied for my High School, I actually applied to be in band! I ended up getting thrown in orchestra though! Not that I regret it, I was first chair viola throughout JHS!


Homecoming hbcu movies

Listen, I remember putting off Homecoming for months because of the hype, and then when I finally sat down to watch it I practically wanted to cry. First of all, Beyonce is my Virgo sister! Everything she does is executed perfectly.

But the dance and stepping in this performance reminded me so much of how I wanted to pledge and never got too. So yeah, this one hits me in my feels.

Step Sisters

step sisters movie

As lame as Step Sisters is, it’s about stepping, which I think I would have been a bigger part of had I attended a HBCU! I dabbled in it in High School, but folks were so damn unorganized during SING that I ended up quitting and never performing. So watching Step Sisters totally reminds me of HS and how much I wanted to step in college.

Dear White People

dear white people movie

Dear White People isn’t about a HBCU, but god if it doesn’t remind me of the struggles Black students face when attending white schools! I didn’t go through half of these things, but I know the experience is different and I wish I had gotten a chance to live it out.

But alas …. I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through my daughter when she attends college in 10 years! Ha!

Did you attend a HBCU? If not, are there any movies that make you wish you attended a HBCU?

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