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I’m Not Gonna Lie, I’m Pretty Shocked At Nickelodeon’s “All That” New Cast

When I heard that Nickelodeon was bringing back All That a few days ago, I was pretty worried about who the All That new cast members would be.

And let’s face it, would they be funny?

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I know this new season is for the new generation, but I practically grew up on Nickelodeon, so I needed to make sure this was gonna be good!

But after watching them in a few video clips, I think it’s safe to say that the All That new cast members are gonna do great!

They’re clearly talented and definitely funny, so our kids should enjoy this!

So who are the All That new cast members?

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The new cast members of Nickelodeon’s All That are:

Ryan Alessi – Born and raised in Chicago, Ryan Alessi, 14, began studying improv comedy at age eight with The Second City Improvisational Comedy Troupe. After moving to Los Angeles, he started studying with The Groundlings and developing his own characters and performing various impressions and accents.

Reece Caddell – A Denver native, Reece Caddell, 12, started acting at the age of five and began performing sketch comedy when she started a YouTube channel with her two older sisters.

Kate Godfrey – Kate Godfrey, 15, is an actress, singer and dancer from Scottsdale, Ariz. She began her career in her local community theater at the age of nine and was quickly accepted to the Broadway Youth Ensemble where she performed in New York City.

Gabrielle Green – Gabrielle Green, 14, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career after studying theatre at BAK Middle School of Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Fla. Her credits include acting, voiceover work and working as a brand representative.

Nathan Janak – Originally from Sugar Land, Texas, Nathan Janak, 14, began acting at six years old. In 2016, he participated in a nine-month intensive actor training program and later moved to Los Angeles. Janak has previously been seen as a guest star in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger.

Lex Lumpkin – Lex Lumpkin, 13, is an actor, singer, writer, impressionist and pianist from Indianapolis. His acting career began two years ago when he played the role of “Stuart” in the Indianapolis Repertory Theater’s production of Stuart Little.

Chinguun Sergelen – Raised in Chicago, Chinguun Sergelen, 13, began acting at age nine.  He is a Youth Ensemble member at The Second City Training Center Chicago and Laugh Out Loud Theater.

Sneak peek of the All That new cast

About the season premiere of  Nickelodeon’s All That

In the series premiere, the new cast will be joined by original All That cast members Kel Mitchell, Lori Beth Denberg and Josh Server.

Beloved roles are reprised in some of the series’ most memorable sketches including Mitchell as fast-food slacker “Ed,” and Denberg as “Ms. Hushbaum,” the hypocritical “Loud Librarian.”

The episode will also feature a performance by Grammy®-nominated multiplatinum powerhouse trio Jonas Brothers of their smash hit “Sucker.”

For more information about All That, including when you’ll be able to watch it on Nickelodeon and the premiere date, click this link.

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