Man Like Mobeen On Netflix Is The Funniest Thing Since Slice Bread, Wait That’s Not Right

Man like Mobeen Netflix series

But you get my freaking point, right? Lol I’ve had my eyes on Man Like Mobeen for awhile now, and it’s just been sitting in my watch list for weeks. But last night I finally started watching it and I’m in love. It’s the cutest thing ever! Lol 

I watched episode one and two and now I’m hooked! I can’t wait to see how this season ends. Aw man!

So what is Man Like Mobeen even about?

Long story short – it’s about a big brother watching his little sister while apparently trying to stay out of jail and trouble? And when I say trouble I mean gangs and drugs trouble. Lol

All Mobeen wants to do is follow his faith, lead a good life as a Muslim, and make sure his sister fulfils her potential, but he must juggle ALL of this, while his criminal past is still chasing him.

Check out this clip from episode one …


Man Like Mobeen is a British comedy-drama television series set in Small Heath, Birmingham, that follows the life of the titular Mobeen as he spends time with his friends Nate and Eight.

In the absence of their parents, Mobeen has to raise his little sister, Aqsa.

I kid you not, the British accents makes this thing 10x funnier than it should be. Lol (And I’m not laughing AT their accents, I love accents, it just adds to the humor because you REALLY have to listen to what they’re saying. Lol Thank god I’m Caribbean and I can understand. Lol)

But it’s sweet to see Mobeen look out for his sister, even though sometimes it seems like she’s the one looking out for him and running things. Lol 

Why I love this show + a few spoilers from episode 2.

Just an FYI – you don’t HAVE to skip this section, but I DID want you to know I was spilling the beans a bit. Lol This doesn’t take away from the show and doesn’t really spoil anything since you still have to WATCH it to get the full experience. But yeah …

So in episode two, Mobeen’s sister gets in trouble for beating up a bully and he’s like I’m so proud of you!

And she’s like you’re proud of me and I got suspended because I couldn’t control my anger??? How does that make sense? And he’s like, oh well you have a point! Lmaoooo 

Bruh! Help him please lol 

I can NOT with him! Lol

And if that isn’t bad enough … he sits down to talk to his sister about boys. (Pray for him!) Why is his advice to his sister – if a boy asks for your Snapchat stab him! Lmaoooo OR if you can’t do it, just call me and I’ll stab him! WTF? Lol

Listen! Y’all need to watch this mess! Lol This show made my night SO much better. Lmaoooo  

Let me know if y’all check it out!

Oh and if you do, and you’d like to talk about it, you can join my new Facebook group called – Hey, I Watch That Too!

I started the group so I could find others that are watching the same show as me, and we’d have a place to talk about it, cause I’m tired of folks tryna discuss ish right on Facebook for others to see!

Like how is that fair? Sigh! So yeah, join the group and let’s talk about this MESS! Lol


Written by Shaye Wyllie



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