5 Times Black Women Were Failed By Black Men In Lovecraft Country Season 1

by Shaye Wyllie
Lovecraft country women

As much as I rant and rave about how amazing Lovecraft Country is, there was always that one thing that bothered the heck outta me in every damn episode! I know women want to be represented on screen as the sex that can do it all, including ‘saving the day’ and being the hero of their story, but I swear the men in Lovecraft Country did absolutely nothing!

For the entire season I found myself wondering when the men were gonna step up to the plate and actually take charge. But they never did!

And as a Black woman who constantly has to watch Black women do all the work, while Black men get all the credit, I couldn’t stand watching these men get away with doing the bare minimum. So with that said …

Here’s 5 Times Black Men Failed At Protecting Black Women In Season 1 Of Lovecraft Country

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1. Dee got caught by the demon twins because no one listened to her, but especially Montrose, who held her down in an attempt to “console” her, but instead let her get attacked.

2. Hippolyta got stuck on Earth 504 because Tic turned the machine off so the cops wouldn’t see it was on and find him lurking. She then had to figure out how to get home on her own.

3. Hippolyta dimmed her light to uplift her husband (Uncle George) and his studies, when he should have continued to let her light (as an explorer) shine, instead of banking on her raising their kid and taking care of the house while he got to live out his dream.

4. Tic letting Montrose talk to Leti any ol’ kinda way, as if she wasn’t the one saving their asses all the live long day! As if she wasn’t the mother of his child!

5. Tic always putting Leti in front of him like a shield, and allowing her to do shit she should have been doing his god damn self! (Ex: running to escape the shoggoths in episode 1, swimming to go get the pages right before the elevator close, having to go get the Book of Names, etc., etc.) Everything he should have done as a MAN, he let her step out in front of him and do it instead.

I’m pretty sure there’s a few more ways that I forgot to include, but I’ll update this once I rewatch Season 1.

If I missed anything, leave a comment below and let me know how else these (sorry excuses for) men failed the women in Lovecraft Country.

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