34 Of The Best Quotes From Lovecraft Country Season 1

lovecraft country season 1 quotes
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While watching Lovecraft Country Season 1, I couldn’t help but notice these quotes.

They either made me laugh out loud or scream “oh shit” (in my head since of course my kid is here and I can’t scream that out loud).

So I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Here are 34 Of The Best Quotes From Lovecraft Country Season 1

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“He fought for slavery, you don’t get to put an ‘ex’ in front of that.”



“I didn’t join for adventure, I joined to get away from my father.”



“Can’t get the clothes he was wearing on a pig’s salary.”



“Dress that short you should be wearing stockings.”

“It’s too hot for all that.”

“You can’t even afford stockings?”



“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

“A book can’t refuse you service.”

“Or spit in your water glass!”



“My name’s not girl it’s Leticia f*cking Lewis!”




“I’m not scared ’cause fears not gon’ save us right now.”



“How did he come about his fortune?”


“That’s code for slaves.”



“When have you ever showed up to a white mans house uninvited and he didn’t try to get you out in 2.5 seconds?”

“They want to keep us here.”

“And I don’t wanna find out why.”



“What? I need salt! You know white folks don’t be seasoning their food.”



“…thinking you were just a f*ck up, but really you’re just f*cked up.”



“Whitey keep cooking up death for the rest of us to eat.”



“You may have paid for this house but my name is on the deed so you need to get the f*ck off my porch.”



“No wonder y’all sweet on each other. Foolish and crazy go right together.”



“Why the hell would you invite them? This ain’t a family road trip.”



“It ain’t JUST get dangerous. He was kidnapped! I died!”



“If I wasn’t there would you have killed him?”

“I imagined it enough when I was younger.”



“He’s with you?”

“Only when he behaves.”



“Look at what we doing! To protect ours. How can that be bad?”

“Look at what your father did to protect you.”



“Please shut the f*ck up! You can’t relate to who I am!”



“You went to the movies to get away from everything, everybody. I stuck my nose in books.”



“We have to stop letting their fear shape us.”



“There’s no book for you to escape what you have done.”



“We’ve both done monstrous things, but that does not make us monsters!”



“I feel like they just found a smart way to lynch me without me noticing the noose.”



“I hate me for letting them make me feel small.”



“We are here because we did not believe them when they said that our rage was not ladylike.”



“Sometimes I thought I was tired, sad … but really I was angry.”



“I know.”

“But do you CARE?!”



“That wasn’t a miracle, that was magic.”

“Are they really so different?”



“I don’t wanna be white.”



“You shoot to warn then you shoot to kill.”



“Do you need a moment?”

“I need a lifetime.”



“All this time I’ve been chasing faith when I should have been discovering it in myself.”



Are any of these quotes above your favorite? Did I miss a good one that you loved?

If so, leave your favorite quotes in the comments below!

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