15 Questions I Have After Watching Lovecraft Country Episode 8

lovecraft country episode 8 questions
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If you watched last night’s episode of Lovecraft Country, then you KNOW that shit was wild AF! But what you probably don’t know … is the answers to the 15 questions below pertaining to episode 8 of Lovecraft country!

I thought I was done with episode 8 last night, when I literally tweeted … I’m done.


But guess who woke up this morning to notifications on Twitter about Lovecraft? Now I’m right back where I started and I can’t get episode 8 out of my head! And today I have questions! Lots of ’em! So here are …

15 Questions I Have After Watching Lovecraft Country Episode 8


Please note that there are spoilers below.

If you haven’t watched episode 8 yet, please save this post for later, unless you want to know what happened! (The spoilers don’t giveaway the entire episode, but they do giveaway a few big details.)

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1. Sooo … is Aunty gonna be stuck in the universe forever, or? Is she still there because she doesn’t wanna leave or because Tic’s scary ass turned the damn machine off and now she can’t get back?

Shit I know he has a lot on his plate right now, with a kid, facing possible death at any time now, everyone around him dying, loved ones in harms way, a dad who he just found out is gay like 5 seconds ago, racism, tryna find the book before Christina does, knowing the future, and a multitude of other things.


We just gonna leave another woman to fend for herself huh? Did you just up and forget you turned off the machine and maybe that’s why Hippolyta hasn’t returned?

2. What was that spell them cops put on poor Dee?

I knew those cops knew of magic, but I don’t think I realized they HAD magic until last night.

We also didn’t learn what kind of spell they put on her! Or why they drew those marks on the ground. Which now I’m guessing it was so they could contain the spell to her only? (Since they marked where she was specifically standing?)

3. Were those 2 girls Dee threw rocks at during the beginning of the show the girls tormenting her as topsy and turvy?

I didn’t even put these two events together last night, but a lot of folks tweeted about how Dee got mad at the two girls during the beginning of episode 8, and now we’re all dying to know, are those the same two that torment her later? Those two girls can’t be dead though right?

4. Why didn’t the girls ‘get Dee’ when they were right behind her? Did they purposely wait because they wanted to see what Dee would do to the cops? Were they actually fueling her anger and causing her to act out?

Dee had some anger in her at the start of episode 8, but it seemed like she was good on containing it, out of respect for her elders. But did being curse change something in her?

Did the curse make her more angry? Were the girls tormenting her also making her want to do bad things? And if not, then why the hell did they not attack her on the street when they were right behind her?

5. Did anyone else feel some type of way when Dee said “I can’t breathe?”

I know it can’t just be me! But those words will forever be a trigger for me now. Especially when cops are involved. They weren’t choking her, but the curse obviously was, and that was enough to make me feel some type of way.

6. Is that it for Ji-ah or does she play a bigger role in the last 2 episodes?

When we saw Ji-ah and Tic’s backstory in episode 6 I know we all probably figured there was a reason for that lackluster episode. At least I sure did! I figured if Misha showed us that story, it would come in handy later on.

But when we finally saw her in episode 8, she was pretty much casted aside like an unwanted child who had no reason to be in grown folks business. So is that it for her? Or will Tic need her powers later on?

7. Did Ruby seriously orgasm while her bones were breaking and cracking back into place as she transformed back into herself?

This one isn’t even a joke!

Like I know sis can hear her bones and shit breaking and cracking right? That dick that good sis? You just gon’ ignore them sounds?

Cause it’s hours later and I can still hear ya bones cracking sis! I am not turned on in the least bit! And William is kinda cute.

But not THAT cute sis. So it gotta be the D y’all. Cause WTF?!

8. Did Tic try to save Leti (for once) because he loves her or because he knows she’s carrying his son?

I really wanna be proud of Tic for trying to “save” Leti, but now that I know, he knows she’s pregnant, I can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to save HER or his damn son!


9. If Montrose could cast spells, and put a protection spell over his son and grandson, why couldn’t he use that same energy to cover himself as well?

Is that not how magic works? Could he not have casted the spell to protect all 3 of them?

Or did he think that he needed more energy to keep them safe? Does he know he can’t be harmed? I mean, someone brought up a great point that he escaped earlier in the season way too easily. This man should be dead by now, but isn’t. Is there a reason for that?

10. Does Christina actually care about Ruby or is she just using her?

This is the one I think we’re all waiting to find out. Like I’m legit on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop. Does she even care?

Is Christina Bi first of all? Or is this all just apart of her plan? Does she need Ruby for a reason? Ugh! I need to know!!!

11. Did Christina help Leti as a way to be able to control Tic in the future?

We all know Christina is really just about helping herself and proving the men in her family wrong. So is everything she’s done so far to help Leti just a way for her to control Tic?

You know they tell Black men not to love anyone, or get close to anyone, because they become their biggest weakness.

We already know Christina is planning to use Tic for her plan! So is she just helping Leti to have a reason to ask Tic for a “favor” later? Or did she really wanna help?

12. Is Dee going to die?

I’m not gonna lie, I feel like she is. I wouldn’t put it past this show right now. They already broke our hearts once, they’ll do it again! Apparently Misha is cruel! Lol (Check Twitter.)

13. Why didn’t anyone help Dee?

I know the answer to this one, but I saw a lot of people on Twitter mad about how none of the adults believed Dee or were there to help her. Sad part is, it doesn’t even phase me.

Like are y’all really confused on why Dee was alone? Or are y’all just sad about it? When do Black girls ever get help? Just the other day y’all didn’t believe Megan was shot. Like, y’all NEVER believe Black women!

Black women are ALWAYS left to fend for themselves. It starts when we’re kids. Why do you think Black women are so strong? We don’t have a choice but to be!

So it’s sad but I’m not about to pretend I’m shocked that no one helped Dee!

I would have been more shocked if they had believed her and did something about it.

14. Did Christina really think dying the way Bobo did would actually make her FEEL Ruby’s pain, or did she just wanna do it so she could tell Ruby she tried to understand, gaining Ruby’s trust?

Right now everything this girl does is fake to me. But I’m concerned on why she did this.

Why she hired men to kill her the way they killed that boy! White folks always wanna “understand” shit and then go do the dumbest shit they can think of to prove that they care and understand. Did she really think having someone kill her would get her to understand?

Does she understand that she only felt his physical pain? She didn’t endure the mental and emotional torture Bobo did! Being killed for no reason, being hated, knowing you were going to die and never see the people you loved again! That’s what makes dying by the hands of someone else so horrifying!

It’s not the physical pain, it’s the mental and emotional pain. Knowing that no one can help you! Sis woke up a few seconds after dying laughing. Like … all you proved was that you’re privileged! I’m shocked at how many people like her ass.

15. Is the Shoggoth Tic’s new pet? And will it follow him everywhere for the next two episodes or will Tic learn how to summon it when necessary?

In episode 8, it seems like the Shoggoth appeared out of no where! No one knew it would show up to defend them.

So now I’m wondering … will it stay that way? Or will he learn how to summon him whenever needed. (Cause honestly, that could be a good thing and a bad thing.)

But I guess we’ll see how this thang plays out!

What are some of the questions YOU have after watching episode 8 of Lovecraft Country? Comment below.


Written by Shaye Wyllie

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.



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  1. I need to know why no one is asking or discussing why Dee, dressed for the funeral, straight up looked like Nettie out of The Color Purple, which was also based in the south where Emmett was killed…

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