39 Thoughts I Had While Watching The 6th Episode Of Lovecraft Country

OMG y’all! So I literally just finished watching Lovecraft Country episode 6 and I didn’t even wait for my stomach to stop hurting before I sat up to write this post.

Like that’s how real this is right now. My stomach is still cringing, my jaw is still clenched, but here I am about to give y’all my thoughts on episode 6. Whew!

Now if you’re STILL not sure what Lovecraft Country is, please check out my thoughts on episode 1 here since there’s a full description of this fire ass HBO series in there.

The show was created by Misha Green and it’s f*cking amazing!

But if you’re unsure if Lovecraft Country is the right show for you because you hate horror, like moi, check out my review of the first two episodes here. I kid you not, I hate horror too!


But trust me when I say this thang is GOOD!

I’m still not sure how I’ve managed to get through this show, when I’ve been watching this thang alone in the dark, but I don’t care.

I knew from the very first episode that they’d have me hooked and that no matter what happened afterwards I would have to see this thang through, and now that I’m on episode 6, they’ve proved me right!

So what did I think of the sixth episode?

Here Are 39 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 6 Of Lovecraft Country On HBO Max

Lovecraft Country HBO Max Poster

Please note: I had to omit a few thoughts so I didn’t spoil anything. This is way too exciting for me to just spoil the fun. If you wanna discuss the show hit me up on Twitter.

1. Awww, we finally get to see Tic’s old flame.

2. Is she serious right now? Also, this is making me miss going to the theater, BAD!

3. Wait is she ok?

4. Wait their family lost respect because her husband died and the only way to regain it is for her to bring home a man???

5. OMGGG! Waittttt! I just realizeed she’s speed dating, not at bingo. Lord! They marking numbers on a card so I thought this shit was bingo.

6. And I hope she didn’t bring home Tic!

7. Wait he liked the convo but still didn’t like her? WOW! Story of my life! Great to talk too, but not to date! *sigh*

8. Wait what is happening right now and WHY? Why is she doing this? So she can bring him home? For what?


10. Omgggg! This is the most disgusting episode yet! I did NOT see this shit coming! Why did I think she was normal damn it!? (As if anyone in this show is actually normal.)

11. Wait she absorbed her *omitted*? Why?

12. Wait she knows about her not being *omitted*?!

13. Not sure how I feel about watching men hang! I don’t care what race it is. Ugh! (So yeah, trigger alert y’all!)

14. The way they show how people are the real monsters is crazy yo!

15. Oh shit one of the nurses is *omitted*!!!


16. Oh look it’s Tic with his foine ass!

17. Whew! I’m glad she spoke up! Shit!

18. This is what Tic meant when he said they did horrible things in Japan, huh?

19. Oh nooo! What happened to Tic!?

20. This episode makes me SO uneasy!

21. Wait what’s wrong with Tic?

22. Of course Tic would try to help her make the damn bed!

23. Awwww look at them bonding over books and movies. I wanna bond with someone over books and movies! *sigh*

24. Oh shit she didn’t know America was racist?! Wowww.

25. Lord something gonna happen again huh! *cringes in anticipation*

26. This is the cutest *omitted* ever and now I’m in my feels and completely depressed! Damn it! I hate this. I gotta stop watching movies and tv shows. Shit!

27. Omgggg nooooo! Wait she still tryna*omitted* him?!

28. And that line worked?! She said “I know what would make me warm”. And that WORKED?! In what kind of fantasy world does that line ACTUALLY work? Ugh. Maybe I just suck at flirting? *flips a table* I give up.

29. This the first sex scene to scare me to death!

30. I’m surprised she hasn’t killed her mom yet, cause whew.

31. Again these sex scenes people! However I don’t wanna see him have sex with anyone else! Why he cheating on Leti! (Yes I KNOW this was before her, I don’t care!)

32. I wanna say I’m happy to see Tic’s life before all the “madness”, but I don’t like him without Leti.

33. I hate not seeing Leti in this episode or his dad jeez. I really am slightly attached to those characters huh.

34. I really wanna know how they make these love scenes look so good, ’cause I remember someone telling me there’s usually tons of camera people in the room. Pulling off sex scenes like this must take a lot of concentration! Whew.

35. Omgggg that’s what they did to her friend!!

36. Omg this gets more disgusting as it goes!

37. Omgggg she told him not to *omitted* because he would *omitted*. (And of course his stubborn ass didn’t listen!)

38. This was the hardest episode to watch for me! This one made me cringe.

39. Shit’s done and my stomach is still cringing!

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went through my head while watching the sixth episode.

Episode 6 felt a little slower than the other episodes, in terms of action, and adventure, and okay, excitement as well.

But I’m pretty sure we HAD to see this flashback before we watch the next (and last) 4 episodes. But only time will tell.

Now, I still really miss Leti, and Ruby, and Montrose and them, but I can’t wait to see what happens next Sunday!

Have you seen episode 6 yet? If so, what did you think of it? If not …

Click here to watch Lovecraft Country.

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