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Live Recap: 46 Thoughts I Had While Watching The 2nd Episode Of Lovecraft Country

Aight y’all I JUST finished episode 2 of Lovecraft Country and W T F!

First of all … can I just say I don’t like Misha Green right now? K, cool. I hope she sees this too. I don’t care. Y’all tell her I said I don’t like her right now. (If you’ve watched episode 2 then you understand. If you haven’t yet, stop sleeping on this and go watch it ASAP!)

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However, if you’re still unsure what Lovecraft Country even is, check out my thoughts on episode 1 here since there’s a full description of the new HBO series there as well.

So what did I think of the second episode?

Here Are 46 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 2 Of Lovecraft Country On HBO Max

Lovecraft Country HBO Max Poster

Please note: I had to omit a few words below so I didn’t spoil anything. This is way too exciting for me to just spoil the fun. If you wanna discuss the show hit me up on Twitter.

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1. Awww they opened up this episode with the Jeffersons theme song. Look at them tryna suck us in again and pretend that this show is all warm and fuzzy. I see you! I’m not falling for this shit.

2. They are such a mess! And way too excited about being in this damn house!

3. That transition was cute.

4. Oh that’s crazy! ALL their rooms have exactly what they need to keep them stuck in the house!? (Now that I’ve watched the full episode, maybe they shoulda stayed they asses in damn the house!)

5. Of course he was kind to those that worked for him. *rolls eyes*

6. It’s probably not a good thing that I have my sound all the way up, huh.

7. Oh shit! *omitted* don’t remember what happened last night!?

8. OMG! Why is *omitted* the only one that remembers!!?

9. Why Black people can never just pretend so they don’t get into trouble!? Jeez.

10. OMG! They think *omitted* going crazy because they don’t remember shit!

11. Wow sis!

12. So they’re in another sundown town, lord?

13. Why they not back in the house before sundown is what I wanna know!? They don’t remember WTF happened last night? TF!? Y’all outside past yo bedtime AGAIN? F*ck bedtime, it’s DARK! Why y’all still out there in the god damn woods? WHY!?

14. OH SHIT!

15. OMGG! The *omitted* must be erasing their memories while scaring away the beasts!!!

16. Wait WTF is happening right now!?

17. Omg they’re growing these monsters in *omitted* ?

18. Omg so there’s magic in here! Wizards! (I love magic, don’t mind me, I was hype about this.)

19. Oh I love Jamie Chung! She’s in here too!? Yessss!

20. They’re messing with their heads!!

21. Ok so Leti clearly wants him, that’s why she’s seeing Atticus, but why is Atticus dealing with a friend?

22. WTF is happening right now son!?

23. Oh wowwww! That’s why her dad is having friends over? Omg!

24. This is exactly what’s going on today! White folks wanna use us, put us against each other, scare us … DON’T let them!!

25. No they did NOT invite them to dinner and have them sit at they own table!

26. Look at Mr. President aka Fitz Grant ass in this! (From scandal.)

27. Did he make them cut a piece of his body out of him so he could feed it to others? WTF!?


29. They weren’t supposed to figure out he was *omitted* huh?

30. I’m waiting for him to say “I am your father”. *laughs*

31. Why would they go in there?!! What if they close the damn door?! Why are people like this!! I hate horrors for this. WTF is going in there and ain’t nobody watching the god damn door!! Ugh.

32. Oh shit! I thought they moved him!!

33. OH SHIT!!

34. Sis and this f*cking magic though! Just stop! Ugh!!!

35. OH SHIT!!

36. OMGGG! NOOOO! STOPPPP! They better not do this to me!!! F*ck Atticus don’t do this shit to ME!!

37. They just gon’ have his ass all out huh? *laughs*

38. This is why Black men find it so hard to love sometimes! It becomes their weakness. *sad face*


40. WTF is happening!!!

41. Omg is that his *omitted* !?

42. This shit is intense AF but SOOOO good!

43. Oh shit wait, does he have magic too???

44. Of course there’s a Leon Bridges song in this! His music is perfect for this! The exact vibe of this show, when there’s no monsters of course.

45. OMG NOOO! Who died????

46. Whew that was intense! I can’t wait for episode 3!

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went through my head while watching the first episode.

Episode 2 is incredibly intense and extremely shocking. I didn’t see ANY of that coming!

And I know I said I hate Misha Green earlier, but I just wanna be a fly on the wall for whatever she does next. This shit is SO good! And I know this is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see what happens next though.

Have you seen Lovecraft Country yet? If so, what did you think of it? If not …

Click here to watch Lovecraft Country.

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