37 Thoughts I Had While Watching The 10th Episode Of Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft country episode 10
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I wanted to get this up last night once I finished watching episode 10 of Lovecraft Country, but after visiting the Cartoon Network Hotel all weekend with my kid, I was done! BUT … damn! There’s so much to be said about this final episode! Which I’ll slowly get to because I’m only one person. However, I am also planning to rewatch the entire season and have an entire discussion about the show over the next couple of days with a few folks, so stay tuned for that as well.

If you’re STILL not sure what Lovecraft Country is, please check out my thoughts on episode 1 here since there’s a full description of this fire ass HBO series in there.

The show was created by Misha Green and it’s f*cking amazing!

But if you’re unsure if Lovecraft Country is the right show for you because you hate horror, like moi, check out my review of the first two episodes here. I kid you not, I hate horror too!

But trust me when I say this thang is GOOD!


I’m still not sure how I’ve managed to get through this show, when I’ve been watching this thang alone in the dark, but I don’t care.

I knew from the very first episode that they’d have me hooked and that no matter what happened afterwards I would have to see this thang through, and now that I’m on episode 10, they’ve proved me right!

So what did I think of the final episode?

Here Are 37 Thoughts I Had While Watching Episode 10 Of Lovecraft Country On HBO Max

Lovecraft Country HBO Max Poster

Please note: I had to omit a few thoughts so I didn’t spoil anything. This is way too exciting for me to just spoil the fun. If you wanna discuss the show hit me up on Twitter.

1. “Safe negro travel” … sad to say we still need that service!

2. Oh WTF! Already?!

3. HELL NO! They bout to make Leti in charge?! She ain’t done enough! Omgggg!

4. He bout to “save them all” with his damn life! Aka he dies and everyone else lives?!

5. They’re putting Leti in charge and killing Tic? This just makes me so mad! She still doing all the god damn work!

6. That spell to save Dee ain’t even work well. What’s going on here tonight!

7. Why I started dancing to this tho!

8. In every show about magic there’s a circle of salt. Lawd.

9. Did they just summon a white man to help! Lawd!

10. Wow! It’s really all the Black women pulling this gig off huh!

11. Did Tic really just pull that off tho?

12. Poor DEE!

13. Oh wow! That’s how Hippolyta came back!!!! Mother!

14. Look at her with that beautiful blue hair! I told y’all she was turning into Dee’s drawing.

15. White folks always want what they can’t have!

16. Guess now we know where Christina stands! Y’all still think she’s a great person?


17. Wowwwww! Tic deadass right now?! Now it’s real because you need her help? They couldn’t make Tic more TRASH even if they tried!

18. I really hope Ruby sprung ass don’t go betraying everyone … oops. Never mind. She already there.

19. Tic just latching on to whatever woman he thinks can save him next. Leti, Christina, Ji-ah, his mama, his ancestors, Hippolyta, who next?

20. Currently waiting for Christina to use Ruby or for Ruby to use Christina. Cause it’s bound to happen.

21. Oh look y’all are getting that Ruby Christina kiss y’all wanted. While I sit here scared out my ass about who’s gonna betray who. I hope y’all happy tho!

22. Omg! Thank god Ruby!

23. Look at Dee being happy again! Awwww! This scene is soooo representative of Black people! Always finding the joy in the little things! No matter what! I love us!

24. This shit just turned into fear factor! Got Tic eating hearts and drinking blood. Or is this actually Survivor? Y’all remember them shows?!

25. Where all them white folks come from?! Is no one asking that important question right now?!

26. OMFG!! I told y’all!! RUBY!!

27. Christina really bout to fight a pregnant woman tho?! Ridiculous!

28. Oh y’all gotta be fucking kidding me!

29. Wait. They left Dee alone. AGAIN?! Y’all gotta be fucking kidding me!

30. If Tic don’t magically learn how to use his magic right now I swear to GAWD!

31. Now they got monsters fighting monsters?! As if Dee not traumatized enough?!

32. Here she go running again! Leti always running!

33. I don’t even feel sorry for Tic right now!

34. I knew Ji-ah would be needed! Omg they also made sure the Shoggoth knew to protect Dee. Okay. Okay. I see what’s happening here.

35. Yessssssss Leti fucking Lewis! Magic is OURS now! OURS! It’s always been ours!

36. Is it bad that I wanna watch Christina suffer?!

37. Oh wow! Damn Dee! You ain’t hadda do her like that sis.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went through my head while watching the tenth episode.

Episode 10 was a lot, and honestly it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. But it did answer a few questions we had and I’m hoping this show gets another season. There’s so much left to discuss and explore.

Lovecraft Country made me feels things I didn’t even know a show could make me feel! And they had me up every damn Sunday, religiously, to watch this show over the last 10 weeks which is crazy!

This is also the first time I’ve written about every episode of a show so that says a lot!

So yeah, I can’t wait to watch this shit again and really discuss it. I’m sad to see it end, but I’m so proud of what Misha Green and everyone else accomplished with this show! It was amazing and it’s gonna open doors for so many others! I can’t wait to see more Black sci-fi shows like this!

Have you seen episode 10 yet? If so, what did you think of it? If not …

Click here to watch Lovecraft Country.

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

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