I Love Florence Pugh, But Even She Herself Couldn’t Pay Me To Watch Little Women Again

by Shaye Wyllie
Little Women Movie Review

I got to see an advanced screening of Little Women a few days ago at Sony, despite hating the book, and it was everything I expected it to be. Boring AF! After watching the Little Women trailer, I had a glimpse of hope that this would be more than what meets the eye, but I guess I AM wrong sometimes? Yuck! Lol 

Little Women was incredibly dull and I’m mad it wasn’t what I hoped it would be.

When I watched the trailer, the movie seemed like something you wouldn’t catch me watching EVER in this life time, but there were a few bits and pieces that made me think this could be inspirational for women.

You know … like when the publisher said she should have the character in her book be married by the end of the story. (I really thought she would throw a fit right then and there and stomp off. But I guess not.)

This wasn’t inspirational AT ALL!

Shit … Togo was more inspirational than this and I bet some of y’all are gonna moan and groan about Togo before even watching it on Disney Plus. Lol 

But while I feel there were a few good quotes in this movie, I wasn’t sure what the point of it was. Was it JUST to retell this story? Cause you coulda spared me the remake and retelling. I didn’t even wanna read this shit in school when it was assigned to us! What makes you think I wanna watch it as an adult?

P.s – I totally did NOT read this in school, despite the avid reader I was. I got a few pages in and threw the shit aside. IT’S BORING! Argue with ya mama!

Listen, even Beth’s death was boring! God damn! 

I didn’t cry, I wasn’t moved, I didn’t FEEL anything while watching this.

And I think that’s why I was so upset after watching Little Women! Shit … I was so upset afterwards I almost didn’t go see Queen and Slim, despite actually buying my movie ticket. Lol (Thank god I did though, because THAT was amazing! Full Queen and Slim review here.)

Oh and I was also confused on what was happening. I couldn’t tell if they were flashing back to help tell the story or if it was present day … I was just LOST! (Maybe I shoulda read the damn book huh? Lol) But that’s besides the point! Lol

But you know what the WORST part of this is?

This shit felt like it was gonna go on FOREVER! Lol I checked the time bout 3 times like … soooooo … this is STILL going? They haven’t wrapped up this story yet?

Listen … if you’re a fan of Little Women then by all means go see it. You’re probably going to feel way different than I do! You’re probably also wondering WHY I went to go see a movie I knew I wasn’t going to like.

But here’s the thing … I didn’t think I’d hate it! When Disney announced their live action Lady and the Tramp movie I rolled my eyes and wrote it off right then and there. I wasn’t gonna go see that shit! Lol But then I SAW it and was like well damn, this was better than I thought! And right there and then I promised myself that I would give every movie a shot before saying I hate it. Lol And if you think I’m being cruel right now … I also hated the Avengers Endgame movie! So! Lol 

All I can say is this ain’t for US! And when I say US … I mean millennials of color. If you watch it and you disagree, then yay! But would I have paid to see this? Nope! Am I glad I didn’t pay to see this? YUP! Sony is usually GREAT when it comes to movies and I can not WAIT to see Jumanji next week. But this shit right here? Nah son! 

Little Women releases in theaters on Christmas Day. Check out what went through my head as I watched the Little Women movie in theaters here.

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Little Women Movie Review

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