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Legacies S3 E1: The Dead Have Risen, The Gang Is Back, And Our King Is Here (Please Bow Now)

I have been dying to watch Legacies (Season 3 Episode 1) this week, now that the show is back on The CW every week, and I’ve finally come to peace with writing a recap weekly. But boy has this week been busy! I finally got to watch the premiere of the new season and … I can’t say I’m shocked at anything that’s happened so far. Except … for the fact that we now have a King amongst us?

Listen, Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 aired a few days ago, but since my bootleg a** don’t have real TV (we’re just running on our fire stick and streaming apps right now) I won’t be able to watch things until The CW app posts the episode the next day.

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So you can expect these recaps the day after its TV release! I’ll try to get them up early so you don’t miss out on much.

But with that said, here’s the run down …

Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

Distractions, distractions, distractions …

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That’s what wypipo do right? Distract, and pray we’ll all forget about the truth? *sigh*

Clearly, Mr. Headmaster hasn’t learned a damn thing from Season 2, or he’d know better than to keep secrets from these kids! Especially since they’ve been helping his a** out! Sir! Them kids aren’t babies! They’ve been through it, they can handle whatever you tell them next!

Yet, instead of fessing up, Mr. Headmaster leaves Milton in charge of running Field Day! Like they’re freaking 5! Like they’re just supposed to play some game and act like ain’t nothing going on! Like their friends aren’t just laying there practically dead?

When I say this gotta be the whitest solution I’ve ever seen? Freaking field day!

And to make matters worse, they got the Black kid in charge like he’s some peace keeper! Why is it always someone Black whose left in charge to cover up sh*t and keep people quiet and happy?

Of course Field Day only brings forth more problems …

And I don’t mean Witches versus Vampires! I mean more monsters!

First of all, let me just say that because I watched the Cursed series on Netflix I was SUPER excited when Nimue popped up in Legacies! Not so excited when the Green Knight made an appearance though, who was this weeks monster!

I still geeked out over the ‘sword in the stone’ and who was actually able to pull the sword, because holy f*ck!

Wow I didn’t see that ish coming!

Just know that it was one of the boys though, not a girl. But I’m not gonna spoil it! You’re gonna have to actually watch the episode! ‘Cause this thang was shocking! I need you to be as shocked as I was! Whew!

I still can’t believe they really made him King! I’m also super excited it’s him!!

Oh and um … Landon is back …

Not like how you’d expect (at first though), he was a whole ghost for most of the episode! And getting on the Necromancer’s last nerves!!

Which was hilarious!

I don’t know about you but I legit LOVE the Necromancer, so any time he pops up I’m excited. Ben Geurens’ performance seriously blows me away every time I see him!

However, the Necromancer wanted Landon alive, of course for selfish reasons! (Without Landon alive he can’t get full access to the black magic he now has control of.)

But Landon knows this and refused to have his soul put back into his body! Just straight up refused bruh!

How you refuse a whole Necromancer? And got him whining like a baby because no one ever refuses his kindness?

I woulda gave in just so he could shut TF up! Like, fine bruh, if I let you bring me back from the dead will you shut up? Shesh!

Landon even tried so much as to pitch Rafael on being his “ghost wingman”. I swear that boy got issues! Talkin’ bout, “imagine taking a test, I could just bring the answers to you.”

Please take a moment of silence to soak in how foolish these kids are even when the world around them is crumbling and folks are dying!!! Boy you got jokes huh!?

And then we got Rafael throwing out threats like … well if you don’t come back as you, I’ma just let him put your soul in my body and you can come back as me. I’ll die, I don’t care! Say I won’t! Meanwhile the Necromancer in the cut like …. well this just got spicy! I swear if I was eating I woulda spit all my food out! It’s not even what he says sometimes, but how he says it that be having me DYING! Whew!

Anywho, back to the Green Knight …

legacies season 3 episode 1 field day 2
Legacies — “We’re Not Worthy” — Pictured (L-R): Jenny Boyd as Lizzie and Quincy Fouse as MG — Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

We never even got a chance to see what kind of REAL damage he could do! He was moving in slow motion the whole dang time! And before he could get the sword, our King swooped in and saved the day! (And let me tell you … MY King can save me ANY DAY with his foine a**! Whew! Wait … let me google how old he is again before I start calling him my King! Aight we straight y’all … carry on!)

But no seriously …

Before my King saved the day … all these useless a** peasants tried to pull the sword and failed. And then one dumb dumb just ran towards the Green Knight WITHOUT the sword! See why reading is fundamental?

If they had read about the Sword in the Stone, this dumba** vampire would KNOW he needed the sword! Also, I’m not sure why he thought speed and strength was gonna hurt a monster in full body armor! Boy gon’ and sit yo dumb a** down somewhere! Them kids need to just gon’ and stay in school!

Thankfully they courses not done yet.

But for real, for real, them monsters need to give them a break so they can chillax and learn something! Cause this boy a mess!

And for a split second I thought little baby Pedro was gonna magically be the savior, but nope! Soon as he saw Jed get slapped across the field he dipped! My boy turned around and ran! Quick! And I don’t blame his tiny self.

But is Hope still dead though?

I know that’s what you’re probably thinking right now! And well … all I’m gonna say is … Landon is now back to the land of the living, because someone told him Hope wasn’t gonna come back until he did. So he came back, and kissed her like this some Disney fairy tale!

So did it work?

Guess you’ll have to watch Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 huh? HAHA!

Sorry, I’m new to this recap thing, am I supposed to tell you EVERYTHING?? If so, that must suck, huh? Cause I’m not gonna! Sorry, not sorry. I honestly don’t believe in telling someone everything, just know that I gave you some of the big details, but you’ll have to watch the full episode to see what happened to Hope, and everyone else!

So have fun!

I hope this recap was at least fun to read, and you’re not mad at me for making you wait!

Click here to watch Legacies Season 3 Episode 1 now streaming on The CW.

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