There’s A New HBO Comedy Special Featuring 2 Latino Comedians Coming On June 19th

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Lately, with everything going on in the world, I’ve been watching a lot more stand up comedy specials than usual. I recently made a list of 7 comedians I think everyone should know! So the news about this new HBO comedy special featuring 2 Latino comedians is right on time!

I literally was just telling someone the other day, or maybe it was just me ranting on Facebook like always, about how white Comedians don’t make me laugh.

(And I mean, that’s not true for ALL of them.)

But for the most part, I don’t connect with those stories!

I connect with the Black comedians, the Latino Comedians, and all the other comedians out there that are POC. And that’s because despite us all having different cultures, we share similar experiences.

entre nos the winners latino comedians hbo max

Anywho, so for that reason, amongst others, I was super excited to see the news about a new stand up comedy special on HBO debuting on June 19th, featuring 2 new Latino comedians this week!

And even though I’ve never heard of Mark Viera or Alex Carabaño, I’m super excited to see their new special.

I checked out the trailer for the new special titled, Entre Nos: The Winners (which you can see below) and it definitely seems like I’m gonna enjoy this one! So here’s to 2 more new Latino comedians who I can hopefully add to my list of comedians everyone should know!

Watch the trailer featuring the 2 Latino comedians below

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More info about the comedy special below …

The winners of the “Latinos Stand-Up!” comedy competition – Mark Viera and Alex Carabaño – take center stage in this new edition of the stand-up comedy special.

Entre Nos: The Winners debuts on Friday, June 19 (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET/PT) and will be available to stream on HBO GO, HBO NOW, and on HBO via HBO Max and other partners’ platforms.

The comedy special features the two comedians who won a stand-up comedy competition held in conjunction with the New York Latino Film Festival.

In these sets, Viera talks about our smartphone life vs. “the beeper life” of his younger days, getting in trouble from innocent social media posts, and the “delete delete box,” while Carabaño shares anecdotes about being short, astrology and dating, and having a family that doubted his heterosexuality.

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