Keith David To Star In Lamard Cher-Aimé’s New Animated Short Film About Depression

by Shaye Wyllie
keith david captain zero

Yup, that’s right — you heard me! There’s a new Black short film about depression in the works called “Captain Zero: Into The Abyss Part II”, and apparently its creator, director, and writer, Lamard Cher-Aimé, has got friends on the other side because some way, somehow they’ve managed to lock in Keith David as their ‘Depression Demon’ voice actor. And I’m freaking out!

Not just because Keith is an amazing actor! But also because he voices one of my favorite villains of all time — Dr. Facilier. So I can’t wait to see him kill his role in “Captain Zero: Into The Abyss Part II”.

Of course, this new short film, technically isn’t new, as it’s short film numbero dos for Lamard. (Who by the way isn’t just an amazing Haitian American artist and my Twitter friend, but they’re also a suicide survivor.) So this is kind of a sequel? Lamard dropped “Captain Zero: Into the Abyss Part I” about a year ago, and is now raising funds to get their second short film completed.

Okay, but what’s “Captain Zero: Into the Abyss Part II” even about?

“Captain Zero: Into the Abyss Part II” is an animated short film about Xerxes Hughes, a High School senior who recounts his exploits as a would-be superhero while in therapy. He begins experiencing a series of blackouts, which he discovers is caused by his Depression demon — a physical manifestation of all his deep-seated insecurities.”

I had the pleasure of screening part 1 last year. You can see a bit of it in the video below, or entirely if you click the link above, and it’s something I’d definitely watch on streaming! I would say, maybe Netflix?

But it’s probably more of a Prime Video series — considering they just released a certain superhero series there, that highlights a similar topic.

No matter where this ends up, part 2 will serve as a 15-minute preview of the future TV series.

Which will continue to explore Xerxes’ mind as he navigates becoming an infamous superhero who struggles with depression.

“Captain Zero” also has a star-studded cast, including our favorite, Keith David.

But not only does Lamard’s short film star Keith David as a voice actor. The project also stars Zolee Griggs, who you may recognize from Disney’s “Cory in the House” series or Hulu’s “Wu-Tang: An American Saga”, and Angelica Ross, known for “American Horror Story”, “Pose”, and “Claws”.

Both of whom I’m also incredibly excited for!

But what about the SAG strike Shaye?

I thought you weren’t writing about movies and TV shows until the strike was over?

Well, that’s true! However, since this is an independent project, they’ve been cleared by SAG AFTRA to continue production. So don’t come for me, unless I send for you my love. Thanks.

So yes, “Captain Zero: Into the Abyss Part II” is still in production, and it won’t drop this year.

But they need our help!

Scrolling through Twitter this week, I stumbled upon Lamard’s Kickstarter update (below) and was incredibly shocked that there are only a few days left for them to raise the funds needed to finish producing this project. And they still haven’t met their goal!

If you’re familiar with Kickstarter, then you know — it’s a “meet your goal or ELSE” dire situation. So I’m hoping I can help spread the word, and get this project the funds it needs to finish being created.

And no, I’m not doing this just because Lamard’s my Twitter friend! They didn’t even ask me to write this! I really just want this made because we NEED more TV series with Black superheroes. And we definitely need more TV series that highlight mental health in the Black community, so it’s no longer this quiet secret we all pretend isn’t that big of a deal.

The more we create, the more shows like this that we back, the more they’ll greenlight when they finally realize that these kinds of shows ARE worthy AND make money.

So here’s the Kickstarter …

The “Captain Zero: Into the Abyss Part II” Kickstarter is below. But you can also click on that link to pledge! If you can, please consider donating to Lamard’s project so they can get us this next short film! Because I need to see what happens next! Part 1 left us on a cliffhanger, and as much as I love me a cliffhanger ending … it’s time for this short film to be made!

Of course, if you can’t donate at the moment, that’s totally okay. Just hit the share button on this article, or the Kickstarter itself and spread the word! This project will only be funded if it reaches its $35,000 goal by Sat, Nov 18 2023 4:14 AM EST. So let’s help Lamard get this completed!

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