My Thoughts On The Jordan Peele Candyman Trailer

Jordan Peele remade Candyman but the trailer ain’t scary at all.

When I first found out Jordan Peele was producing a remake of Candyman I immediately said to myself, “I gotta watch this shit”. After watching the Us movie (and loving it) I’m convinced Jordan Peele is a horror mastermind, and he’s the only one that can get me to watch these scary ass movies in theaters. Lol

I completely trust him and I always look forward to seeing what he’s gonna do next.

So when I heard Universal Pictures and Jordan Peele dropped the movie trailer for Candyman today, I just had to see it! And honestly, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would bee. (Haha, get it? Lol I’m so lame!)

candyman trailer jordan peele movie poster

Be warned though, just because this trailer ain’t that bad, doesn’t mean this movie is gonna be a breeze!

Shit, I got like a million questions after watching this trailer, so I know this ain’t everything. This ain’t like them action movie trailers where all the best parts of the movie get thrown together. Lol I just know Jordan got some shit up his sleeve!

This is like when a music artist drops a single that’s good, but you just KNOW they hiding all the really good stuff on the album, and they’re just making you wait for it to drop to get all the good shit. Lol

So yeah … I’m excited to see Jordan Peele’s take on Candyman. But I still ain’t got no f*cking clue, what the hell these bees got to do with anything! Lol

I’ve NEVER seen the first movie, so is this like a thing I missed or is this Jordan’s sick way of teasing us? Someone let me know! Lol

Cause Candyman should equal candy right, not honey. I don’t even like honey!

Either way, I can’t wait to see this!

Also, I just wanna clear something up since this is all over Twitter right now. Jordan Peele is not the director of Candyman.

nia dacosta candyman
Nia DaCosta, the actual director of the new Candyman film.

Yes, his name is sprinkled all through this post, but he’s NOT the director.

The director is ACTUALLY Nia DaCosta, a Black female director and now I’m even MORE excited to see this movie!

Like I said in my post about the Athena Film Festival (a festival that features female filmmakers) … when I decided to take up writing full time, I also decided that I’d write more about movies and shows that were directed, produced or written by Black folks! (Even better when it’s a Black woman!) So yeah …

Watch the Candyman trailer below

Candyman will be in theaters on June 12th. Y’all gonna go see this?

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