This Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe Is Perfect For Your Jingle Jangle Movie Night (I’ve Already Made It 3x)

by Shaye Wyllie
jingle jangle recipe frozen hot chocolate

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Jingle Jangle premieres on Netflix this Friday, November 13th and I can not WAIT for y’all to finally watch this movie! I shared my thoughts and a full review of the film a few days ago, along with the best quotes from Netflix’s new Christmas musical adventure, and now as promised I’m here to share a Jingle Jangle holiday cocktail drink recipe that’s perfect for your movie night this weekend!

As mentioned in my review, I got to attend a Jingle Jangle Cookies and Cocktails event the night before our interview (which was with a few of the cast members, the movie director and producer and I’ll post that tomorrow).

During that event Danni Rose shared her frozen hot chocolate recipe with us, so now I’m sharing it with you!

Below is her recipe, and then I’ll tell y’all how I made mine because I’ve made this thang 3x already and I still have some half and half left so I’m gon’ make this shit again!

(Yes it’s that good!)

But first … look how good mine came out! Can you believe this is the first time I’ve ever done something like this?

jingle jangle recipe frozen hot chocolate

Ignore the mess in the corner!

Clearly I’m no food photographer! But I’ll learn and get better the more I make drinks! (Especially now that we have a Ninja blender, which we can’t stop finding reasons to use!) So you can definitely expect more cocktail recipes for movie nights in the future. However, here’s what you really came here for …

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe For Jingle Jangle Movie Night

jingle jangle recipe frozen hot chocolate


2 oz (or to taste) of your favorite liquor

1 cup of dry hot chocolate mix

1 1/2 cups of half and half

1/4 cup (or to taste) of chocolate syrup

3 cups of ice


Combine ingredients in a blender and blend

Drizzle chocolate syrup into cup

Pour frozen hot chocolate in glass

And well … yeah that’s it!

It’s super duper easy to make (even though I was a tad skeptical at first) since I rarely ever do stuff like this. But as you can see I topped mine with whipped cream, and red sugar sprinkles I found at Target.

I even got a little fancy and drizzled the chocolate syrup into the cup before pouring my frozen hot chocolate in! I’ll post a video on my Instagram to show you how I did it tomorrow!

I also didn’t measure the ice out exactly, I just put as much as my tiny personal blender could hold and that was that.

And same for liquor!

I added a few swigs of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum (since it has hints of vanilla and caramel I figured it would work perfectly with this) when I blended everything together. And then I tasted it, couldn’t taste the liquor and added more! (Don’t judge me!)

(Oh and I normally order liquor using my Minibar app, so if you aren’t using that yet download it ASAP. You can use my code “SW055132” to get $10 off your first order!)

I also didn’t measure the chocolate syrup either. So clearly I’m a f*cking rebel and I don’t need recipes as much as I think I do?

Whatever, I’ve made it 3x and each time it still tastes just as great! So clearly this is a recipe you need this weekend when you watch Jingle Jangle! Just don’t put too much alcohol and miss the entire movie, kay?

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And make sure you drink responsibly! Don’t do dumb shit! I’ll snitch. I don’t care. You won’t be blaming me for your shenanigans!

But let me know if you make this Jingle Jangle recipe so I can see how it turns out! Don’t forget to watch Jingle Jangle on Nov 13th, it’s amazing!

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