Can Y’all Stop Blowing Up My Site, Yes 2989 Sycamore Street Is A Real Address! Why Y’all So Nosey? Here Are 4 States You’ll Find The Famous Address!

by Shaye Wyllie
a fall from grace 2989 sycamore street address

Lookie here nosey a** Linda, I can’t believe I’m even writing this post right now! I sweartagawd this must be some sort of invasion of online privacy or somethang!

But the way folks have been “blowing up my site” looking at these A Fall From Grace memes over the last few months like they’re lives depend on this foolery, must mean this shit is still on y’all brains! So in that case, fine … I’ll bite … here are 4 states you’ll find the famous “2989 Sycamore Street” address!

FYI – If you STILL haven’t seen “A Fall From Grace” here’s my review of the film. When you get a chance watch it for fun and to enjoy Phylicia Rashad’s heartbreaking betrayal.

4 States You’ll Find The Famous “2989 Sycamore Street” Address

So before we go further, just know that I typed the address into my iPhone’s map app, and then I dug a little on Google to see where “2989 Sycamore Street” will take you! The movie itself “takes place” in Virginia.


Despite 2989 Sycamore Street populating in the app for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the address isn’t actually connected to property or anything since the numbers in this town skip 89! There is a 2979 though!

(And I’m kind of shocked that the houses are so close to each other? But that’s another story for another day!)


Unlike Louisiana, the famous A Fall From Grace address actually leads to a home in Lower Burrel, PA!

And it was up for sale, not too long ago! Now I’m wondering if the new home owners, or even the real estate agent who sold the property knows how famous this address is?


So in Iowa City, just like Louisiana the houses are pretty spaced out, and for this particular address, the closest you can get is 2929 Sycamore St. Everything else is basically just land, which is technically still connected to this address.


Indiana’s houses are pretty far apart as well, but this address doesn’t lead to a house. This time it leads to McCords Auto, which apparently is a car wash.

Although I’m not sure what the hell a Lava Wash is and I don’t think I want to know! Cause all I can think about is someone washing they damn car with lava and that crazy a** lava movie from the 90s, Dante’s Peak. (Which I’m still scarred by, by the way.)

But yeah … so there ya go!

You can also find “2989 Sycamore Street” in Oklahoma, Florida, South Carolina and Illinois! But like do you NEED me to go through EVERY state, or can you be nosey on your own now that I’ve helped you narrow it down a bit? *cackles because of my foolery*

Oh and if you think this address is reserved for just the United States of America, think again! It’s also in Australia! (Plus there’s a 2989 Sycamore Ave and 2989 Sycamore Ln in New York. (Not sure if those are as cool though.)

Hope that helps feed your A Fall From Grace obsession a bit!

What else do you need to know about the movie and this famous address?

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