Is Disney’s ‘Guardians Cosmic Rewind’ Ride Really Worth The Wait?

by Shaye Wyllie
is guardians cosmic rewind worth the wait

Before I start ranting and raving about how much fun I had on Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy thrill ride, Cosmic Rewind, during my girl’s trip to Orlando for my birthday … despite being a scaredy cat who tends to hate thrill rides, let me start off by saying … WTF. Why did I not realize that getting a group number for the queue was just … me adding my name to a fake a** VIP list?

Y’all are always so damn excited about making it in the queue that I thought it was gon’ be something special! Girl — it’s just the freaking regular wait line? Seriously! Had me stressing about getting a damn time slot … just to be standing all goddamn day waiting to be called!

Baby … had I known how long we were gonna have to wait to ride this thang, I would have just paid the little extra few bucks to join the Lightening Lane. Don’t ever play me like this again! EVER!

I’m a Genie Plus girl okay! My friends already know I’m travel/experience bougie. I will pay extra for convenience! No problemo! Because there is nothing I hate MORE than standing on a goddamn line!!! I’m from NYC baby — I don’t even wait in line to pay for my snacks. And if I gotta wait, I’ll go to another store. Stop playing with MEEE!!!

Why did y’all make me think the queue was it!? Got me thinking, oh it’s lit, we got a spot.

They called our number … okay not called, but alerted us in the app that it was time for our group to get in line, and I swiftly brought my behind over there. While silently praying that I wouldn’t throw up all the delightful food and drinks I had just consumed during the 2023 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Rushed on over there for absolutely not one damn good reason! Because little did I know … I’d still be standing in line for FOREVER.

Okay, But Is Disney’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Ride Worth The Wait Though?

Yeah, girl. Imagine if it wasn’t? Whew chile, I might have cried! If this sh*t wasn’t as popping as they made it seem after I waited ALL DAMN DAY, I would have had a meltdown in the damn dark like a 5-year-old. And I’m not even joking! I was melting in that sun all day.

But wait — how long is the wait for Disney’s Guardians Cosmic Rewind?

So we got a slot for the queue at about 1pm, and we didn’t get called until about 8pm!

Yup, we waited ALL damn day! However, since we didn’t have to wait in a line, it wasn’t that bad. I ate and drank around Epcot, and even had time to do the free drink tasting at Club Cool.

But when we got called, I assumed we’d just boop bap di bop, hop into line, and be on the ride. And nope. After about 10-15 mins of standing in line, and walking through, I was finally hit with the reality stick! This was the line for common folks. No fast track up in this bih!

It took us about a full hour if not more, to finally get on the ride! And for a ride that’s only about 3 mins long … that’s a lot of waiting.

However, despite the madness, Guardians Cosmic Rewind is totally worth it!

It’s one of the best Disney rides I’ve ever been on, and like I said, I usually hate thrill rides. But it’s right up there with Avatar’s Flight of Passage. But way more plus-size friendly than FOP!

So it was totally worth the hour-long wait! Now would I wait that long again? If I had to! Like absolutely HAD to. But I’d much rather just pay for LL instead of waiting. However, I’d wait a whole nother hour if they’d let me ride this joint two times in a row! Best believe it! It’s really that good! Just be prepared for a long wait y’all. Maybe bring a snack or two to nibble on while you wait? Play some hand games or something. Cause goodness!

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