Here’s My Theory On Why Carlton From ‘Love is Blind’ Exploded

what's wrong with Carlton on love is blind

Is Carlton On Netflix’s New Show ‘Love Is Blind’ Crazy?

Like son! He gon bring the Brooklyn up outta me today! Lol Why is Carlton (from Netflix’s new show Love is Blind, not from our beloved 90s show Fresh Prince of Bel-air lol) so damn angry? TF?

If you watched Love is Blind on Netflix already, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Lol But if you HAVEN’T watched the show and you don’t want me to spoil it for you, then um … you might wanna click here and read something else?

Cause I’m about to explain what happened, so I can explain why I think it happened.


I’m about to discuss what happened with Carlton on Love is Blind below, so if you haven’t seen EP 4 yet and you DON’T wanna know, kindly click this link to make your grand exit right up out this b*xch. Lol If you WANNA know what happened and who he ended up with, keep reading …

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Here’s what happened “to” Carlton on Love is Blind that has everyone talking.

Okay so, Carlton ended up proposing to Diamond and she said yes. HOWEVER … Carlton has slept with both women and men. Now whether YOU have a problem with bisexuals or not, is irrelevant, cause that’s not the issue at hand here.

Carlton knew this info before proposing but didn’t tell Diamond until after proposing … wait for it … after she said yes … wait again … and after they left the god damn country to go on (what was basically) a bae-cation in Mexico!

Carlton also KNEW that people from his past have had issues with him being Bi. (Not sure if that’s the correct term he’s using for himself but using the term so you get the point.) But he still waited days after she said yes to tell her.

So when he finally told Diamond, she was shocked! She needed some time away, so she finished the convo and left. They ended up sleeping in two different rooms that night, even though everyone is supposed to be in the same room.

carlton and diamond love is blind

The next day Diamond decided, that instead of just being upset, she’d talk to Carlton and see what’s up.

Honestly, if you watch the episode, you can see that she really just wanted to know why he didn’t think it was important enough to tell her before proposing. Cause … um … this was definitely something he should have said while they were dating!

Imagine me saying yes to a proposal and THEN telling the man DAYS later I got a whole kid with someone else? He’d be like well why the hell didn’t you tell me that shit before I spent all this god damn money on a ring for yo ass, right? Right! But …

Here’s why I think Carlton reacted the way he did.

Okay … so here’s my theory. He’s been rejected! A LOT! He mentioned that to her during their convo. Rejection, especially when it’s constant rejection, carries trauma and I don’t think he realizes how bad his trauma is.

So when homegirl just wanted to talk, his defense went up.

To him – she was gon’ leave him anyway. So instead of listening and HEARING what she was saying. He HEARD her say “I don’t want you”.

His defense went up and instead of talking he did everything possible to push her away BEFORE she could say I don’t want you around. Because when you’re rejected SO much it’s better to be the one rejecting and pretend you don’t care than have another person say they don’t want you.

love is blind carlton and diamond

He thought if he didn’t tell her up front, she’d have enough time to like him enough so that when he DID tell her it wouldn’t matter. But of course, it matters when it’s something as big as this, and when you’re getting married!

If this was just them dating, then I could understand withholding info at first.

(Unless you’re seeing someone else. Cause, in that case, you better f*cking say something! Don’t play with me! Don’t go kiss some man today and take me on a date tomorrow and pretend it’s okay! Cause you KNOW for lots of people it’s NOT! Find out first!)

So him being an ass to her when she just wanted to talk? It’s his defense mode talking. It’s not right, and it’s no excuse, but until he accepts him for who he is, it’ll keep happening. I feel like he’s not really happy with who he is because of how people treat him once they find out. And I totally get that!

I was just told last night that I have trust issues and I got a major attitude problem! Guess what though? He’s absolutely right! I do! But it stems from somewhere!

carlton love is blind

It’s not just random! (Just like the way Carlton acted stems from something as well.) However, not everyone is in the mindset to understand or even ask why we are the way we are. So sometimes we just have to cut our losses.


Diamond wanted to understand why Carlton did what he did, but he couldn’t see past his trauma. He could only remember what others have done to him, in that moment. Which I totally get! He just wasn’t ready yet and it’s totally understandable.

But yeah … that’s my take on this situation. lol

Am I right? I don’t know! Maybe I can get in contact with him and ask? Or maybe he’ll see this post and Tweet me or DM me up on Instagram, email, something and let me know! Lol (These days the people I talk about on here are the ones that end up seeing my posts – which is a tad bit scary but it’s part of the job. Lol)

So if we talk, I’ll update ya! But until then …

How do you feel about Carlton’s reaction? Does my theory make sense? P.s – Click here to watch Ep 4 if you haven’t seen it.

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Is Carlton On Netflix's New Show 'Love Is Blind' Crazy?

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Written by Shaye Wyllie

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