A Review Of Nia DaCosta’s Candyman For Scaredy Cats + Tips For Watching

by Shaye Wyllie
is candyman 2021 scary

If you’re reading this Candyman review, it’s probably because you hate horror movies, and you’re a scaredy cat just like me.

It’s cool … I get it!

So the real question of the day is: “Is Candyman (2021) scary? Like ACTUALLY scary? Or can my Black ass actually sit through this thang without shitting bricks?

Every time a Black horror or thriller film gets released I cringe because I know I need to watch it, but I hate them.

And not because I just “hate” them, but because I’m a big ass scaredy cat!

What I really hate is:

  • the sight of blood
  • seeing or hearing bones breaking
  • being startled (aka jumping up outta my seat like I forgot the damn stove on)
  • extreme violence (think repeatedly stabbing someone as if they ain’t already dead)
  • racial incidents that’s sure to trigger any Black person
  • watching kids get hurt

And probably a ton of other shit!

But since it’s my duty to you, the culture (and myself) to review Black films all year round, I’m trying to make peace with the fact that this includes horror and thriller!

So Here’s A Quick Review Of Nia DaCosta’s Candyman For Scaredy Cats

Is Candyman (2021) Scary?

I watched Candyman (2021) twice! So it’s really not that bad.

But if you don’t like horror there are a few things to watch out for.

What actually bothered me:

  • the sound of cops beating on a Black man (you don’t actually see it happen thankfully)
  • the racist ass art critic
  • the sound effects in each kill scene
  • pools of blood on (and dropping to) the floor
  • watching him saw dudes arm off and shoving a hook in (this was the hardest thing to watch)
  • excessive stabbing to kill someone (I don’t care if y’all think his death was “justified”)
  • cops shooting an unarmed Black man, who is clearly not okay, and in the arms of a Black woman, sick as a dog, in need of help

What you need to know before watching Candyman (2021) if you absolutely hate horror movies:

If you have trypophobia …

Closer to the end of the film, when Yahya transforms into Candyman himself, you’ll need to fast forward to get through this!

I had no damn clue fear of “loosely packed holes” (like honeycomb) was even a thing until this movie came out, since so many people complained about it online.

Other things to watch out for:

  • there’s a “ghost story” about a kidnapping of a baby
  • the buzzing of the bees can be bothersome (especially if you’re scared of bees)
  • suicide is mentioned (it’s brief, but it does involve a parent and a child, and we do see him throw himself from a window – we don’t see his body afterwards thankfully)
  • creepy shadow puppets
  • sis gets quietly snatched in the laundromat
  • someone is dragged on the floor to another dead body, and then killed

Do I recommend watching Candyman (2021) even if you hate horror flicks?

Yup! Sorry kid.

Candyman touches on how Black people get stuck in trauma cycles.

Whether it’s because people are too afraid to tell others what happened in the past, or because they do tell others, and no one believes them.

I think it’s a great reminder to our community that we have to speak up, and believe others, when something is wrong!

All those older generations who kept silent when they shouldn’t, and the cycle repeated itself with someone else.

All those people who spoke up, and no one listened, and assumed they were lying.

History keeps repeating itself!

That’s the real message within Candyman, so I definitely think it’s worth a watch to see how it all plays out.

Plus if you’ve been wanting a horror film where a Black person isn’t the first person to die, this one’s it!

Most of the victims were white.

With the exception of one Black girl. But you don’t see how she dies, or even her body for the most part. Just blood on the ground.

Now Here’s A Few Tips To Get Through Candyman (2021) If You Plan On Watching It (And You Hate Horror Films)

  1. Turn yo muhfudging sound down bruh! Horror movies thrive on sound!
  2. Keep the lights on. Why in the world would you watch this in the dark? Candles, something!
  3. Watch this at home! That way you can control your surroundings.
  4. Fast forward if needed. You don’t need to watch how everyone is killed to follow the story.
  5. Watch with a friend. Horror films are easier to stomach, when you’re not watching alone.

Click here to watch Candyman (2021) online now.

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