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Home Sweet Home Alone Is Shockingly (Almost) As Good As The Original

But I’m not gonna lie, the first Home Alone movie has a special place in my heart, and therefore it will ALWAYS be my fave! (No matter what this review says below about the new Home Sweet Home Alone movie.)

If you don’t already know … 20th Century Studios’ “Home Sweet Home Alone” is an all-new adventure comedy from the beloved holiday film franchise, that will stream on Disney Plus on November 12th!

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(Which is Disney Plus Day!)

In short, Max Mercer is a snarky young boy who just wants to be left TF alone this holiday season, even if that means skipping out on the family vacay to … Japan! Yup, Japan!

(What TF do these Home Alone families DO for a god damn living???!)

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And in true Gen Z kid fashion, Max escapes his overcrowded home filled with loving family members he’d rather not see, by slipping into his moms car when no one is looking, to watch cartoons in silence!

(I honestly don’t blame him!)

But when his one holiday wish accidentally comes true, Max is left to defend his home sweet home, from a married couple who will do almost anything to KEEP their home sweet home! And that includes breaking and entering. Because who wouldn’t commit a few crimes during the Holidays to prove to the world how much they really love their home sweet home?

Anywho … if you’re dying to know if this movie is worth a watch, here’s my …

Home Sweet Home Alone Review

home sweet home alone review

Listen … despite what the other critics are saying … I can’t sit here and say I didn’t enjoy watching Home Sweet Home Alone with my daughter a few days ago, when Disney Plus sent us a screener, before it’s initial release. Because the truth is … I did!

I enjoyed the heck out of this damn movie. WAY more than I expected.

When Disney Plus first announced they were doing ANOTHER Home Alone movie … I gotta be honest, I wasn’t with the shits. Just like many of you, I immediately rolled my eyes, sighed a heavy sigh, and screamed into the heavens “why Lord”.

Okay, maybe I didn’t do all of that!

But I was sure as hell confused on who TF asked for ANOTHER Home Alone movie!

I mean, I barely like the ones that were already made! (I ain’t even bother to watch movie 4 or 5 if I’m being totally honest here, I called it quits after movie 3!)

So why are we making another?!

Then there’s the name of this new movie! Home Sweet Home Alone?

As my 9 year old said … why didn’t they just name this one Home Alone 6? Call it what it is folks! It’s movie 6!! Ain’t no Home Sweet Home Alabama!

But … in all seriousness, Home Sweet Home Alone is almost as good as the first movie! (My daughter thinks they’re both equally as good, but again, she’s 9, she don’t know shit! Ignore her!)

However, it is definitely WORTH a watch!

They even threw in a few easter eggs from the first movie, so pay close attention. And there’s even a Harry Potter reference! (Which gets me every single time!)

Plus Kenan Thompson is in this! And I had no clue he would be!

Speaking of shocking guest stars, there’s a special someone from the original Home Alone in this film.

But I want you to fight the urge to go Google who it is right now, and just let it surprise you as you watch the film.

home sweet home alone
Archie Yates as Max in HOME SWEET HOME ALONE, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by courtesy of Disney+. © 2021 20th Century Studios.

They also made a joke in the film about people remaking classics, which I think was such a great nod to how we millennials feel about our beloved films from the 90s! They catered to us, the OG Home Alone crew, while also making this film feel like “an original” for our kids. I could see kids watching this one more than the original, and that’s okay, cause frankly they can have this shit! Little Macaulay Culkin will always be my guy!

But I gotta give props where it’s due, and Archie Yates (who plays Max Mercer, the little boy left home all alone) deserves all the glory for this one!

He did a great job with this!

Check him out in the Home Sweet Home Alone trailer below!

But nothing is as funny as the first film!

Not even the legos!

(As spot on as that scene was!)

And even though I loved that this film focused on “regular” folks being the villains, like I said before the first film has a special place in my heart. Can’t nobody do what Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern did!

But, I gotta say, this film would make a great double feature with the first film.

So if you’re wondering if you should bother giving this one a shot, do it! Watch it with the kids, then watch the first film again, and see which they love the most!

(And if they say this one, feel free to give them coal for Christmas this year, ’cause yo kids ain’t shit! I’m kidding. Slightly.)

This may be the one Christmas film Disney Plus got RIGHT y’all!

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