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The Writers For Grown-ish Ain’t Shit For This! (Grownish S3 E1 Recap)

Grown ish Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: It’s Junior Year B*xches!

(No spoilers yet. I’ll tell you when there’s a spoiler right before I say something. For now, this is just my recap of Grown ish Season 3 Episode 1 and my thoughts.)

Aight so here’s what happens in S3 E1 …

Okay, so Zoey finally returns from her Summer internship oversees, and comes HOME to their new off-campus house!

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Yep, them hoes got a whole house off campus! Paying rent and shit now. Sigh.

I’m not sure how smart that is, but I know upperclassmen be thinking they cute in they little off campus house and shit, so whatever. Lol

When Zoey returns, she finds out the gang is throwing an HBCU-themed Homecoming party to kick off their Junior year. 

Think Beyonce’s Homecoming film on Netflix, but as a party in someone’s backyard with Jell-O shots. Lol It’s cute! And the Twins charging $20 a head, for entry.

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Cause you know … track don’t pay! Lol

Anywho, they all having a grand ol’ time, swag surfing and all that jazz.

But when Zoey goes to change from her pretty in blue, fashionable suit, into a lil’ something more Homecoming-ish, she comes out to realize that the people she’s tryna avoid *cough* Aaron and Luca *cough* are both at the party.

And then here comes Joey Bada$$ … talking bout he need a fit for his TV appearance tomorrow. So now she’s tryna juggle emotions while working for Joey and all these men got Zoey f*cked up. Lol

GROWN-ISH (Freeform/Eric McCandless) L-R: Yara Shahidi, Halle Bailey, Chloe Bailey, Francia Raisa

Right after Joey realizes he shoulda listened to Zoey (duhh), the entire crew realizes someone is pregnant! **no spoilers here, keep reading**

Who you ask???

I’ll tell you at the very bottom of this post! Lol

But if you didn’t read my predictions last year, do so before you read who’s pregnant so you can see why these Grown ish writers got ME f*cked up today. Lol

Now here are my thoughts on Grown ish Season 3 Episode 1, cause boy!

First of all, Zoey is no longer the “cup b*xch”.

Owwwww! And it’s about time! Lol

Zoey is now Joey’s personal stylist! Yasssss bish! Come through.

She went from not believing in herself, and sucking at fashion design, to finding her true calling as a stylist, interning, running thangs, and boom, an official job!

However, apparently she’s still letting Aaron call her “Freshman”? Lol As if that nickname wasn’t played out bout two years ago? She’s a WHOLE Junior, and he STILL calling her Freshman! Lawd!

But anywho, the boy drama is still happening … as per f*cking usual.

Like WHY Zoey?

You got a whole job to worry about now, and you still stressed over these two clowns? I mean Aaron foine as hell, so I’d be a little stressed over that too. Lol But Luca’s potheaded ass really ain’t shit, sooooo.

But whatever. This why I’m single, right? Lol

Oh and I LOVE that Joey Bada$$ is in this now! And he out here giving out good advice fo’ free?? Talking bout “Don’t distract yourself out of a job.” God damn Joey. Now you wanna be giving me advice and shit? You don’t know my life!!! Lol

I’m still mad that we legit coulda been friends had I gone to the High School I WANTED to go too, not the one I was forced to go too.

But whatevs, I mean, we still got time to be friends right? Lol

GROWN-ISH (Freeform/Eric McCandless) L-R: Diggy Simmons, Trevor Jackson

But who this new dude? This Sky new man? This how she gets pregnant? Lol **no spoilers yet**

Like, how many times she gon’ tell you to get lost homeboy?

You ain’t got $20 in cash for the party, then GET! BYE! Go home Roger! Tf?

But of course he refused to go away, despite Sky asking him “nicely”. Lol So now he back tryna talk her into letting him stay like … “how bout I take you on a date and spend $40 on drinks instead”. HOW BOUT YOU … wait hold on …

He cute! NVM. When we going? Lol


I’m about to discuss who’s preggo below, so if you haven’t seen S3 EP1 yet and you DON’T wanna know, kindly click this link to make your grand exit right up out this b*xch. Lol If you WANNA know who’s pregnant, keep reading …

GROWN-ISH – Back for junior year, and picking up after a cliffhanger season finale, “grown-ish” returned on an all-new night on Thursday, January 16, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. (Freeform)


The writing of this show is amazing … well, it was … now they done pissed me TF off. 

I mean, I like the way everyone speaks. (Especially Doug!) Cause it’s literally the shit we say. Lol And I love every other aspect of this show.

But how TF they explaining how Nomi got pregnant? Yes we know she’s Bi, but what man she liked enough to f*ck this summer and why? LOL

Like why would they f*cking do that to meeee? After I did all that f*cking guessing and ruled her ass out because she was sleeping with like every woman she met? Lol Why would they make HER the pregnant one? Ugh!

When my friend Tanay (from BlackGirlViews.com, and Co-host of our Pass That Popcorn Facebook LIVE show and podcast) mentioned in our last FB LIVE video – below – that Sky (aka Halle Bailey) probably needed to prep for The Little Mermaid and that she may be the one pregnant, so she could dip outta the show.

I figured “makes total sense”.

They write people off tv shows ALL the time, this could be possible. So of course when I saw her and Mr. Cutie Pie together, I figured this was it. But nope!

*roll my eyes*

Watch the latest episode of our Pass That Popcorn Facebook LIVE show to see us discuss:

Anywho … I need y’all to go watch Grown ish Season 3 Episode 1 ASAP!

And they BETTER tell us who the daddy is in Episode 2!

I’m not playing with y’all! Lol Cause this ain’t right! Why they did me like that?

But listen, I REALLY didn’t think someone would be pregnant already! Like jeezus! How long ago was Summer? When TF did she get pregnant?

Cause that is NOT a first trimester bump, that’s a second trimester bump. 

STOP PLAYING WITH ME! Lol Aight, I’m done. For now! *side eye*

I guess we’ll see what happened next week in Episode 2. Sigh.

But um … do y’all want me posting my thoughts on EVERY episode or nah?

Cause I can if you WANT me too. If you do, comment below and let me know.

And be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below as well so we can discuss this, cause whew. 

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