Gossip Girl’s Identity Was Revealed In The 1st Episode And I Just Have One Question

by Shaye Wyllie
gossip girl identity revealed in episode 1 hbo max reboot

Ummm … EXCUSE ME! Hi, yes, hello! How are you doing? Have you watched the new Gossip Girl reboot yet on HBO Max? Yes? No? Can ANYONE explain to me why in the actual f*ck would the Gossip Girl identity be revealed in the very first episode?

Like … why?

I was so damn stunned watching episode 1 y’all. Like …

Okay, so I get that folks needed to turn things up a notch, since the original Gossip Girl series was such a hit. But um … wasn’t the entire point of Gossip Girl to NOT know who was behind the “mask”?

How in the world did they reveal this so early?

And honestly, as a writer, I think it’s a creative ass spin! However, as a lover of tv shows, I can already tell that … they’re gonna have to make this thang incredibly interesting to keep viewers, if they’ve already given their “leverage” away.

Let’s be real here, part of the fun was not knowing who Gossip Girl was! Just like in Bridgerton, not knowing the true identity of Lady Whistledown, is exciting! So telling us who Gossip Girl is in the very first episode is WILD!

However … after watching a few more episodes, I’m not too worried just yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out, and how interesting they can make things.

Oh and if you came here to find out WHO Gossip Girl really is … I’ll post those deets here.

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