I’m Not Gonna Lie “Godzilla Vs. Kong” Blew Me Away And Yes, You Need To See It In Theaters (Review)

by Shaye Wyllie
godzilla vs kong movie review

A few days ago I got a random email from Warner Bros and did a mini back flip (in my mind) when I realized they sent me a screener to watch the new Godzilla Vs Kong movie before it releases in theaters and HBO Max on March 31st. And then shortly after the back flip, I wondered WHY they sent me a screener?

If you know me, you know I’m not a monster geek! I don’t even try to pretend to be!

I didn’t even know “monsterverse” was a thing until this year! I haven’t seen any Godzilla movies, and I can’t tell you the last time I watched a King Kong movie! (I wanna say it’s been at least 10 years?)

So I’ll be honest … when I created my list of films millennials would be happy to watch this year, I didn’t even put Godzilla Vs Kong on the list. I wasn’t sure I should bother.

But I am SO happy I watched this! Godzilla Vs Kong is easily one of the best films I’ve seen so far this year, and will probably stay that way throughout the year!

So Here’s My Full Movie Review Of Godzilla Vs Kong

Godzilla vs kong

First of all, Godzilla Vs Kong blew me away!

When I say this movie was WAY better than I expected it to be! Like OMG! It’s super emotional and I absolutely loved it! I haven’t seen too many movies this year that I’ve actually felt this good about but this one is great! Like I’m still kind of in shock and awe at how much I liked this! I honestly forgot how emotional King Kong really is.

Plus, one of my fave actors, Brian Tyree Henry, is in this and he’s great! I was honestly worried when I saw the cast list that he’d just be a background actor, but nope, his role is just as awesome as he is!

But even more awesome than my man Brian, is Kaylee Hottle who plays Jia, a deaf Native American girl, and a friend of Kong’s!

When I say her acting is incredible!

I kid you not I thought I was gonna cry before she did in this thang! And now knowing she’s actually deaf, and not just playing a deaf character, really makes me that much happier about this film!

However, her bond with Kong will seriously pull at your heart strings!

And if that doesn’t, the movie score, as it weaves in and out, when Jia and Kong interact will definitely hit you in your feels!

But um … can we pause here so I can tell you how much I HATE Godzilla!

Not the movies, Godzilla the lizard himself!

He’s so f*cking stubborn! He wanna get the last word in, every god damn time, and I’m sick of his shit! Godzilla is relentless, and yes of course I’d want him on my side if I needed to be in battle, but in this movie I was rooting for Kong all the way!

It’s actually quite humorous how they made me, a girl who literally just said she didn’t even care about monsterverse a few seconds ago, pick sides so darn quickly!

I did not think I’d be so drawn in! But I was! That’s how good this movie is! And they sure as hell made me hate Godzilla!

So yes, I’m Team Kong all the way! I don’t care what you say!

King Kong is emotional, and sweet, and kind, and he just doesn’t give up!

And maybe that’s why I like him so much! I can relate to him.

I remember fighting with my brother and getting my ass whooped and still fighting back! I remember thinking “normal kids would just walk away sis”, but it took a LOT for me to walk away. I remember him punching me HARD and being so angry at him for actually hitting me that hard and then using that anger to throw the hardest punch I could right back at him!

It didn’t matter how hard he hit me, I tried to hit harder. I knew I probably wasn’t doing much damage, but I never backed down, the same as Kong. Even when he was down he was still getting up to swing again. Even when he was hurt he still screamed back like “my nigga I’m still here”!

So yeah, I’m totally Team Kong! I’ll admit he’s not as strong as Godzilla, *rolls eyes* but he’s definitely got more heart!

Now here’s the big question everyone is dying to know!

Should you watch Godzilla Vs Kong in theaters? Is it worth paying to watch?

It most definitely is! (Worth paying for that is.)

I’m honestly kind of sad I didn’t get to see this in theaters! But I’d totally watch this again if someone wants to take me on a date. (Just saying.)

So yes you should watch Godzilla Vs Kong in theaters! But it’s also great at home.

I watched it on my iPad Air (well the iPad Apple sent me to review) and it was great watching it on this screen! So imagine how great it’ll be on a tv or in theaters!

I’m actually gonna let the whole family watch this on HBO Max when it comes out in a few days on our TV, so I can’t wait to see how they react to it.

But again, if you can, go see this in theaters! The experience will be incredible!

Especially after not seeing movies in theaters for about a year? This is gonna be amazing on the big screen!

Overall, Godzilla Vs Kong is a must watch for all, even those that aren’t big fans of Godzilla or King Kong.

So if you were skeptical about this one, there’s your answer! This is a great movie to just sit back, enjoy, and escape the world for two hours! You don’t have to worry about being triggered. (Well not too much. There are a few small moments where Brian’s character Bernie has someone pull a gun on him that could be triggering, but that’s it).

The action is intense, but it’s still lighthearted and funny. It’s great for date night, to watch alone, and yet still mild enough to watch with the entire family.

(Especially if your family likes action movies, like the new live-action Mulan!)

The ending twist is incredible, and the way they humanize Kong and villainize Godzilla is amazing to watch.

I literally almost cried at the end because I felt so sorry for Kong. Like that’s how invested I was in this damn movie! So yeah, don’t miss this one! Even if you think you don’t wanna see it, you do! Trust me!

Godzilla Vs Kong premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31st.

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