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I Walk Red Carpets Like It Ain’t A Thing Now (My Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere And After Party Experience Recap)

A few days ago, thanks to The Geekly Show and The Geekly Retreat, I was able to attend the Frozen 2 red carpet premiere, which is my FIRST red carpet movie premiere ever!

Well actually … now that I think about it, this isn’t my first movie premiere, but it IS the first premiere that I’ve walked the red carpet for. My first red carpet movie premiere was actually the NYC premiere for the Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie. But crazy enough I didn’t KNOW it was the premiere until I got there. Lol I also didn’t walk the carpet! (P.s – J. K. Rowling walked right past me! Want that story? Slide in my DMs! Lol)

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Anywho, the Frozen 2 red carpet premiere was great! I was surrounded by friends, and the experience was wonderful. So …

What Was The Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere Like?

Checking In

First thing’s first … when I got to the Dolby Theater, I had to check in and get my pass.

And then I almost had a god damn heart attack when they said they couldn’t find my name! OMG! But luckily for me, it was just under a different name. Lol

Little fun fact about me? Sanaa Brooks isn’t my government name! Lol If you ever meet me in person and we become friends you’ll find out what my actual name is, but yeah. Lol So when I go to events I always stop to wonder which name I should use. Lol

Anywho … they found it under my blog name, and then I went on my way!

Walking The Red Carpet

Once you check in and walk a few steps in … boom, you’re on the red carpet!

The Frozen 2 red carpet premiere was surprisingly way less intimidating than I thought it would be!

There’s not a ton of people trying to take photos of you when you walk by (like at the awards show, and like I thought it would be) so it was pretty laid back.

Security WILL try to rush you down the carpet though, as if you ain’t important enough to take yo time! Like listen here … I’s working! Lemme alone!

I gotta take these photos for the gram or it ain’t happen! Lol I mean, it’s really my job to take photos now that I’m “officially” an entertainment writer, right? Lol So just let me do my thing!

But once you grab all the selfies you can, eventually you get to the end of the carpet and it’s into the theater you go.

Also … I’ll have another post up about my outfit, but just know that my earrings kept falling out and I pretty much almost had another heart attack while walking on the carpet. Lol But since the show MUST go on, and I REFUSED to let such a little thing ruin my entire night, I just took it out and threw it in my purse!

My hair was covering my ear anyway, so I doubt anyone even realized I only had on one earring. LOL

Celebrities Spotted At The Event

Of course a red carpet movie premiere wouldn’t be a red carpet movie premiere if you didn’t see a few celebrities right?

I got to see Yvette Nicole Brown again on the carpet, even though I didn’t walk back to take a photo with her!

I mean I had JUST seen her earlier that day and taken a photo with her then. So I didn’t think I needed to bother her for another photo. Despite how sweet she is about it.

I also saw Zuri Adele (who plays Malika in Good Trouble on Freeform), but I wasn’t close enough to say hi or get a photo!

I was hoping I’d bump into her at the after party but nope! *cries dramatically* I’m sure I’ll get to meet her in the future though, so I’m not worried.

Then there was Patrick Starr who we rode the elevator with. (I actually saw him a few times that night. Lol Like the universe was saying just take a photo with him sis!) I didn’t tho!

I’m not a makeup feen, so I didn’t really care. I just knew some of y’all would be excited about this, so yah! Here’s a photo for y’all. Lol

The last celeb I saw, and got excited about, was Sterling K Brown! What’s so funny is after Frozen 2 ended, I was walking out the theater, and then saw him coming behind me so I slowed down a bit. Lol

And then he was just walking next to me singing Into The Unknown! Lol I wanted to turn to him and say “omg your voice is so great”, but I just walked and listened and smiled. Lol (Which paid off, and you’ll see why below!)

We Also Watched Frozen 2 … Duh

Like CLEARLY we watched Frozen 2 at the Frozen 2 red carpet premiere, as if that wasn’t apparent enough. Lol

I’m not allowed to write a full review yet (until Nov 14th – so you can check back then for the full review), but until then you can totally check Twitter for my social media reaction!

Once the embargo is up, I’ll have a few posts up, including some interview posts with the cast! Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and you subscribe to my blog via email so you can get a notification when my review goes live!

Now on to the Frozen 2 red carpet premiere after party …

What Was The Frozen 2 Red Carpet After Party Like?

Food & Drink

There’s food! Yes! Lol And the Mac and cheese was SOOOO good! I’m still mad I didn’t go back and get more!

I always feel weird about going back for seconds. Please don’t ask me why. Lol It’s also the ONLY time my anxiety kicked in that night, so if that’s the only issue I had then clearly it was a great night! Lol

There were also sweet treats, which I took lots of photos of, and didn’t eat a darn one! Lol I’m a failure! Lol

Who goes to a red carpet premiere after party and doesn’t eat all the things? Sigh! Lol (And no I’m not on a darn diet. Lol So I have absolutely NO excuse clearly. Lol)

I also had a glass of sparkling wine. But only one since this is technically still work and I wasn’t tryna walk around tipsy. Lol

Oh and I’m sure any parent will be happy to know that their were Happy Meals from McDonald’s there as well! Lol

I’m not sure if that’s because they knew there would be a ton of kids there, but it was nice to see that the kids had other food options. (There were also hot dogs inside if the kids wanted that.)

Brand Booths & Activities

One thing that surprised me was how many activities there were!

I know Frozen 2 is a family movie, and of course lots of the cast brought their kids, but I didn’t realize they’d have things for the kids to do! (There were things for the adults as well.)

The kids had face painting, could build a snowman with LEGOs, play charades, etc!

There were also photo opps, a virtual reality short movie (which I foolishly skipped but so thankfully got to see at the Frozen 2 press junket, which I’ll post more about in a few days), and a beauty station.

I LOVE Colourpop so I was excited, and they even gave out free lipgloss from their Frozen 2 collection!

Celebrity Photos

Last but not least, my celebrity photo! I got the chance to see Sterling K Brown again at the after party, and couldn’t pass up the chance to take a photo with him.

His son was with him, so I had to wait a bit, which I didn’t mind, and he was really cool about it. As I took the photo, I told him he had a wonderful singing voice. Lol He said thank you, laughed and then smiled for the camera!

I didn’t take photos with anyone else that night, mainly because I didn’t care too. Lol The photo is horrible thanks to the blue lightening inside, but hey, it’s still a photo and I still have this memory right? Lol

But the red carpet experience itself was still amazing!!

I’m so grateful for this experience and The Geekly Retreat, and I can not WAIT until my next red carpet premiere. Now that I know what it’s like, I’m no longer worried about attending. So there ya have it!

If you have ANY questions about the Frozen 2 red carpet premiere or the after party, just leave them in a comment below and I’ll answer them for you!

If not, here’s a bit of black girl magic before I go! Don’t we look FABulous!? Lol

Frozen 2 Red Carpet Premiere

Of course we do! Lol

FYI – These are my friends, both NYC bloggers, Tanay from sonshinemama.com and Danielle from dellahsjubilation.com. We had to take a pic for the culture! Lol You know how it is! Show up and show out!

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