Omg! Omg! So I’m one of those people who stalk the hell out of Netflix’s “Coming Soon” tab on my phone! And not just because I’m an entertainment writer and it’s my job to know what’s coming.

But also because I’m Black and I’m nosey AF and I NEED to know what’s coming. Lol

So when I saw there was a new Netflix reality show called Floor Is Lava I was super excited! I’ve been waiting for this darn trailer to drop for like forever now and last night I saw they finally uploaded one so I just watched it and it’s everything I want it to be and more. Lol This new reality show is gonna be HILARIOUS!

If you’ve watched Wipe Out, then the Floor Is Lava show will be similar!

And of course, if you’re not sure where the name comes from, it’s from that popular game kids play called “Floor is Lava”.

Whenever someone screams it, the floor becomes lava and you have to get off the floor as quickly as possible or you’ll get burned. Lol

It’s hilarious cause they’ll say this shit at the most random times and then everyone is running and jumping onto whatever they can to get off the ground. Lol

Anywho, after everything that’s happened this month I’m totally ready for another Netflix reality show.

For the most part, I’ve loved all of them.

There was The Circle, which was a social media experiment type show, and Love is Blind, which was a dating show.

There’s also another dating show where you have to refrain from having sex called Too Hot To Handle which I thought was TRASH from the first 5 mins of watching the show and immediately turned it off after. Lol

But people seem to really like that one too soooo … yah!

I know Netflix didn’t plan to drop Floor Is Lava during a world pandemic and social justice revolution but …

… they are and it’s totally needed!

I do have ONE question though! What the hell is the floor really made of? Lol

Cause I know for sure it’s not lava, and I’m almost 99% sure it’s not even hot like lava would be. So what is it? is it just red-colored water with some bubbles? Lol

I guess we’ll find out when the show drops on June 19th right?

Check out the trailer below …

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