4 Moments In Episode 2 Of Falcon And The Winter Soldier That Felt Like Microaggressions

by Shaye Wyllie
falcon and the winter soldier episode 2 microagressions

If you watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 2 recently, and you’re Black … more than likely you felt some kind of way a few times during the latest episode! If you thought you were just “crazy” you’re not!

So often we’re made to think the little things don’t matter, but they do! There’s a reason those little things bug us, or seem weird, even if it doesn’t bother anyone else. If it bothers you, there’s a damn good reason it does. All of these moments felt weird to me, and pretty much everyone I know — that’s Black, has pointed them out! But it took awhile for me to realize these were low key microaggressions!

There are a few more moments that felt off in episode 2 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel’s new Disney Plus series, like Isaiah’s recap of what happened to him feeling all too familiar. *cough* the Tuskegee Syphilis Study *cough* (Which was also brought up in Lovecraft Country.) But I’ll just focus on the microaggressions in this post.

But if you NEED to discuss ALL of these moments that feel icky, and trigger you, feel free to come discuss it with my Disney Moms of Color girls and I on Facebook, and Twitter. DMOC is a safe space for Black moms (aunties and grandma’s too)! We’ve already got a thread going about episode 2, so join the club, I’ll let ya in! However …

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 2 + It’s Microaggressions

  1. The snobby ass, fake ass, white (Not My) Captain America with the ‘holier than thou’ attitude with Sam and Bucky but now he got a Black wife / girlfriend? (Who ever she is!) It feels so much like the “I can’t be racist “cause I got Black friends”.
  2. Not to mention this episode started off with a Black marching band’s music! Why they giving him a Black welcome like he welcomed to the cookout? He not! I don’t care who his sidekick is! He not welcomed. Don’t bring him! 
  3. The way the cops attacked Sam, like he was some kind of criminal, and couldn’t “remember” he was Falcon without his mask on aka (as someone put it so eloquently in a Clubhouse room the other night) “without your clown suit on you look just like a regular nigga to me”. Then they had the effin’ nerve to quietly arrest the ACTUAL criminal, Bucky, who got a whole warrant out for his arrest, ‘cause he’s white? (On top of all that, they asked the white man if there was a problem and not the Black man? This whole scene was triggering and TRASH!)
  4. Then there’s fake Cap saying he needs “Steve’s wingmen” but saying that directly to SAM like he’s supposed to just up and be his lil puppet? I’m tryna refrain from saying slave, but we all know that’s what that shit felt like! Talkin’ bout “I’M the government”, boy you were JUST the help two hours ago shut the f*ck up!

The entire thing makes me mad! The entire episode is triggering!

Not to mention in episode 1 that foolish ass banker dead asked Sam if the Avengers ain’t pay him!! Basically tryna say that he’s an Avenger, a whole “celebrity” and he’s supposed to be rich? Seriously!?

He might as well had just came out and said “why yo Black ass need a loan if you an Avenger?” Don’t gimme the run around.

Then had the effin’ nerve to ask for a god damn selfie while denying him a loan!

Sir get TF out my face!

But yeah … this was ONLY episode 2! I’m hoping this doesn’t keep happening. ‘Cause like I said in my review of episode 1, I’ll cuss somebody if this show ends up being trash!

Anywho … I’m not as excited as I was when I was watching WandaVision and that’s highly upsetting! But I will continue to watch this to see where it goes.

Did I miss any other microagressions? If so, drop them in the comments or tweet me!

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