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This Is The Best Scene In “Falcon And The Winter Soldier” (And It’s Literally Less Than 2 Minutes Long)

by Shaye Wyllie
Published: Last Updated on 12 minutes read
falcon and the winter soldier episode 4 best scene recap

Listen, if you haven’t seen episode 4 of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” on Disney Plus yet, you missed out on one of the best scenes in Marvel history!

Okay, I haven’t seen all of the Marvel films yet, but still! Like, Black Marvel fans saw that ish and immediately thought ‘okay I can die at peace now’. That’s how satisfying that damn scene was!

And if you missed it, (or just need to relive it again, cause let’s face it I watched this like 5 times myself) here’s a recap of the best scene in episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier below!

A Recap Of The Best Scene In Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 4

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen episode 4 of Falcon and the Winter Soldier yet, this recap will spoil things a bit. But it’s literally only about two minutes, and not shocking at all!

So you can totally read this. Unless you loathe all kinds of spoilers. In that case, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

Cussing Disclaimer – I know some of y’all hate reading cuss words, so here’s a warning! I don’t cuss in all my posts, but I do in this one. So proceed with caution, clutch ya pearls and say a few hail mary’s for us both.

falcon and the winter soldier poster

Okay, so what had happened was …

Fake Cap got his ass whooped by the Dora Milaje! Point, blank, period!

The ass whopping starts around the 31:30 mark, because John the Jackass, just can’t help but make a fool outta himself!

Somehow, despite previous events, he still thinks he’s better than everyone else ’cause he got this shield attached to his hip, as if it’s doing him any damn good. Ya know how privileged white boys do.

And if you’re a Black woman reading this, then you already know how swiftly attitudes can wound men egos when you’re messing with a Black woman you thought was one of ya little friends.

Now I don’t know if this man just didn’t know who the Dora Milaje were, or if he’s just stupid enough to think they’d bow to him because he got on some stripes.

But he walked up to my good sis like he really thought she was gonna be a groupie and swoon at the sight of his weak chin. Like …

Boy was my man in for a rude awakening!

I mean …

After the first few interactions with these women: who literally had just thrown a friggin’ spear into the room before making their grand entrance, and then told this man about himself when he “introduced himself” as Captain America, you’d think he’d fall TF back and take the hint.

You’d think the “IDGAF who you is” attitude would deter him and ya know, bring him to his senses. But nope, sir put his hand in the fire again.

Even Sam tried to warn him!

Apparently my mans thought …

“You’re better off picking a fight with Bucky”

… was a joke? ‘Cause sir took good ol’ Uncle Sam’s warning like it was a challenge and proceeded to put his crusty lil fingers on my good sis shoulder! Like they go WAY BACK!

Now … let’s take a step back here and remember that these women stormed into the god damn apartment with spears and attitudes to match!

They didn’t walk in with cheery dispositions, and girl scout cookies!

So imagine already being angry that you gotta come collect some white boy who you’d rather just kill on sight, and having somebody’s boy child you don’t know touching your shoulder!

Whew chile!

The moment his hand graced her, I bout nearly jumped up outta my seat cause I knew what was finna happen next!

Never have I ever wanted someone to get they ass beat so damn bad!

When I say I watched this scene ’bout 5 damn times! I just kept laughing, and hitting rewind like it was a sitcom!

‘Cause the shit was seriously hilarious!

What made this man think this was okay? He has a whole Black wife and a whole Black best friend?

How did he think this was appropriate for the occasion?

Oh sir!

Soon as his hand laid on her shoulder, sis hit him in the face and he flew!

Then they pan over to Zemo, who’s literarlly in the cut just chilling watching it all go down. Standing there sipping his drank, like he ain’t got shit to do with them being there in the first place!

Zemo really just stood there and minded his business like a good lil boy who ain’t want no smoke!

I swear I busted out laughing!

Then we see poor Uncle Sam, who clearly needs a drink himself, ’cause now he’s feeling sorry for this man talking bout …

“We should help him.”


Soft ass!

Meanwhile, Bucky just standing there like eh, let’s just cheer him on instead? Now here goes Bucky dumbass …

“Looking strong John!”

And poor Sam tryna calm Bucky down like he a dog or something talking ’bout … “Bucky!” Leave that man alone Sam!

John’s a big boy! He can handle himself!

FYI I don’t know how John’s sidekick, I mean Battlestar, got his ass in the middle of this, but they sure had him in a choke hold!

Wasn’t nobody safe in here man!

I see why Zemo kept his ass very still.

Mind you, all this ish happened in ’bout 30 seconds bruh! How!

Anywho, I guess Bucky decided he should take Sam’s advice and “help” and try to stop ‘Ayo and friends’ from whooping John’s ass, ’cause next thing you know he getting his ass beat too!

Apparently Zemo the only smart white boy in this show ’cause he really just stood there the whole dang time looking uncomfortable like ummmm … I feel like I should do something, but I kinda don’t wanna get my ass beat too?

Soooo … yeahhhhh ….

Now here go Sam tryna intervene!

He clearly been hanging with these white boys for too damn long or he’d KNOW not to jump in when Black women are teaching someone a lesson! Now he gotta get his ass kicked too!  

And while everyone insists on taking an ass whooping with mucho pride, and their heads held high, Zemo minding his business and sliding right out the door.

Now Bucky getting his whole arm pulled off for no reason!

1 minute and 20 seconds later …

This fight finally ends and the Dora Milaje walk away unharmed, and left these men a hot mess.


They left John standing there, broken and hurt like …

“They weren’t even super soldiers.”

My mans was a mess!

But I mean … this is what happens when you thought you were cute and folks were just gonna bend at yo will just because you got someone else’s costume on. So …

I pray men watch this and catch the lesson, before they too catch somebody’s hands and have to walk with their tails tucked in shame.

‘Cause this whole thang coulda been avoided had sir humbled himself!

And that my friends … is a recap of the best scene in Falcon and the Winter Soldier … don’t argue with me!

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney Plus. Click here to catch up today.

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