This Shit Is A Mess! (Everything’s Gonna Be Okay S1 E1 Recap)

by Shaye Wyllie
Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Aight so here’s what happens in S1 E1 …

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 starts off with Nicholas, who happens to be on a date with someone he really likes and it’s terrible! Lol

I mean, the entire time I watched him talk to his date, I cringed and screamed in my head, “make him stop this word vomit!” Lol He seemed pretty drunk though and he just kept rambling on and on about how f*cked up his family is. Lol On a date!

And then Nic and his date start trying to figure out where they’re gonna have sex. Lol Like literally discussing where they should do it.

But since they can’t decide on a freaking place, Nic’s date says he’ll “come over tomorrow” since the house will be empty and they can do it then.

Why the HELL does Nicholas dumbass say, “I’d like to get that in writing.” I swear I nearly died. LOL

Anywho, the next day comes and Nic’s date actually does stop by!


But he’s too damn scared to press the bell so he does what every other millennial does! Lol (Aka sends the “aye I’m outside, open the door” text. Lol)

However, due to unfortunate events, which I’ll get into in a bit, Nic’s dad is actually home and he laughs when he finds out that the guy is too scared to ring the bell. But now he’s excited to meet who Nicholas is “in love with”.

But before Nic’s guy friend realizes his dad is home, he’s already kissing on Nic asking if he wants to do anal. And then dies of embarrassment when he realizes that Nic’s dad is just standing there watching him. Lol

To which dad replies, “oh don’t worry, I already knew my son does anal, and horribly too.” Wait what? Sir?! LMAO Why do you know your son is horrible at anal? WHY! Lol

Okay, so let’s rewind a bit. Lol

So the reason Nic’s dad is even home in the first place is because he can’t work the courage up to go to work. He’s dressed and ready and even with some “encouragement” from his son, who literally says “dad go to work and earn money” with his cute little accent, dad can’t.

This is when dad decides it’s time to tell his son the truth!

Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE OKAY – “Seven-Spotted Ladybug” – Nicholas’ single dad has very bad cancer and he’s going to die, soon. So Nicholas offers himself up to be the guardian for his two teenage half-sisters. They already know not to put their heads in the oven. What’s the worst that can happen? (Freeform/Tony Rivetti) CHRISTOPHER MAY, JOSH THOMAS

So they both sit down, and dad is tryna figure out how to break the news, and he’s like well I don’t know if you’re gonna wanna go back (back to Australia) because well, I’m dying. Lol My niggguh WHAAT? Lol

And dumbass Nicholas just gets up and walks away like yeah aight, sure sir, can you just go to work and stop playing with me right now? Lol

Nic comes back inside and he’s like … I kinda feel guilty for not crying about this but I also don’t believe you so. Lol Sir WHY would your dad lie about having cancer??

And after this all happens, Nic is still adamant about the fact that dad HAS to go to work! Because DUH, homie has a freaking sex date.

So he literally tells his dad the dude is coming over to have sex and now I’m just staring at my screen trying not to scream because this family bold AF!

Okay, so now back to when sir comes through and dad tries to make the anal sex convo less weird, by offering him some iced tea. Lol (Oh I didn’t tell you after telling him mad casually that he KNOWS his son has anal sex, he offered him some iced tea? Lol) And instead of aborting mission, homeboy says sure. *face palm*

This show is LITERALLY a mess. Lol

Like the way this first episode had me screaming out loud laughing! My goodness! I thought The Circle on Netflix was funny, but shit! Lol

Now, while ALL of this is going on, there’s also shit happening with Nic’s half-sisters.

Genevieve and Matilda are both going to school when Matilda starts talking about the guy she’s in love with. And of course Genevieve’s ass points out that literally everyone in school, including the teachers is in love with him. Lol

(Which, by the way, when you see how foine he is, you can clearly see why. Lol)

However, Genevieve is trying to convince Matilda to “not be crazy” and tell this dude that she likes him, but Matilda’s like why not? Shawdy convinced she finna shoot her shot when she gets to school. She’s watched Youtube videos and everything to make sure she has her flirting skills down pact! Lol And shoots her shot she does!

This whole time, I didn’t even realize Matilda had Autism. I just thought – like the rest of her crazy ass siblings – she had weird quirks. Lol So now I’m mad because she has autism and STILL has more courage than my courage the cowardly dog ass. Lol

There’s some bullying that happens during school, which I touch on in my Everything’s Gonna Be Okay review here, so I’m not about to talk about that again.

However, her talk with the cute guy goes way better than expected and Matilda is literally on cloud 9 all excited. Lol

And then boom, dad is dead and now we all gotta go to a funeral in a god damn limo. 

Everything's Gonna Be Okay S1 E1 Recap

No seriously! Lol Them mofos went to their dad’s funeral in a whole limo!!!

And I swear, I done called Nicholas a dumbass one too many times in this post already, but I don’t even know what else to call him right now. Lol

Cause he gon’ see his sisters sad and shit, confused on why they even IN a limo in the first place, then lie and say he booked it by mistake and ask them if they want the party lights on.

PARTY LIGHTS!!! On the f*cking way to a FUNERAL! Their dad’s funeral!

Jeezus christ help us all.

But honestly, the limo was fitting cause Genevieve ass was wearing a damn dress fit for a red carpet! Like you think the red carpet dress I wore to the Frozen 2 movie premiere in LA was cute? Check out shawdy funeral dress! Lol

Everything's Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Like, why sis? Why!? Lol Sis said she ain’t have NOTHING else to wear!

And I’m not one to judge, cause I never have clothes either. Lol

Anywho, they get to the funeral, Matilda gives a KICK ASS eulogy that has everyone laughing and almost made me cry, and then Genevieve’s ass almost drops her dad’s coffin. Lol

But ask me why the hell these little kids lifting this man’s coffin in the first place!!!

With ALL the damn exes the man had there, none of them couldn’t help? Lol Why was his exes even there? Lol Shawdy introduced herself as an ex, who barely dated him. WHY ARE YOU HERE sis? Lol Get out my damn face! Lol

Listen, I laughed WAY too much during this first episode! If I lived alone I kid you not I woulda been kicking and screaming in bed like a crazy person. This shit is funny AF!

However, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1 ends with the cutest dance scene that will warm your heart.


But I’m still wondering who the hell cleaned the house after they threw all them flower petals everywhere? Lol

Cause you KNOW Black kids woulda been like, aight wait, stop, we made a mess, I’m not tryna clean this tomorrow, this enough, dance party over. Lol

But they just kept on tearing flowers up and throwing them all over the place! Inside, outside! Everywhere! They GOTTA have maids! Cause who was cleaning that?? Lol

However, if you enjoyed this recap of Everything’s Gonna Be Okay Season 1 Episode 1, don’t worry, I’ll have the recaps up for episode 2 and 3 shortly.

Anywho, look at the time! Let me stop rambling like I don’t have other things to write today. Lol If you haven’t watched Everything’s Gonna Be Okay yet …

Click here to watch Everything’s Gonna Be Okay on Hulu.

P.s – here’s a full review of the show.

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