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Everything Coming To Disney Plus In Feb 2020

Everything Coming To Disney Plus In February 2020

Now that The Mandalorian and the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is sadly over, it’s time to fall in love with some new shows! Like, Diary of a Future President, perhaps? But you know what I’m extremely excited about?

Disney Plus’s original film, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made! Seriously, this little kid and his polar bear are gonna get into some serious trouble, while they solve this mystery, I just know it!

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Here’s everything else coming to Disney Plus In February 2020.

Everything Coming To Disney Plus In Feb 2020

Everything coming to Disney Plus this month

Feb. 1

Around The World In 80 Days

Big Business

The Sandlot

Wicked Tuna (Season 1-2)

Feb. 2

Descendants 3

Feb. 5

Toy Story 4

Feb. 7

Diary of a Future President, Episode 104 – “The National Mall”

Disney Family Sundays, Episode 114 – “Toy Story: Toy Bins”

Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 114 – “Dynamic Danielle”

One Day at Disney, Episode 110 – “Grace Lee: Storybook Artist”

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Feb. 9

Old Dogs

Feb. 14

My Dog, the Thief


Because of Winn-Dixie

Diary of a Future President, Episode 105 – “Whistleblower”

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Episode 201 – “Marching Down the Aisle”

Disney Family Sundays, Episode 115 – “Princess and the Frog: Lily Pads”

Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 115 – “Roving Robbie”

One Day at Disney, Episode 111 – “Kristina Dewberry: Imagineering Construction Manager”

Feb. 16

Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

Feb. 20

Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri

Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire

Feb. 21

Unlikely Animal Friends (Season 1-2)

Diary of a Future President, Episode 106 – “Habeas Corpus”

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Episode 202 – “Alaska to Marry Me”

Disney Family Sundays, Episode 116 – “Aristocats: Headbands”

Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 116 – “Genesis The Amazing Animal Ally”

One Day At Disney, Episode 112 – “Vince Caro: Pixar Recording Engineer”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Premiere – Episode 701- “The Bad Batch”

Tuesday, February 25

Star Wars Resistance (Season 2)

Friday, February 28

I Captured the King of Leprechauns

Imagination Moves (Season 1-3)

Marvel’s Future Avengers (Season 1)

Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

Diary of a Future President, Episode 107 – “Foreign Relations”

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Episode 203 – “A Flashy Proposal”

Disney Family Sundays, Episode 117 – “Lion King: Paint Pour Artwork”

Marvel’s Hero Project, Episode 117 – “Superior Salvador”

One Day At Disney, Episode 113- “Lupe de Santiago: Seamstress”

Shop Class, Series Premiere – Episode 101 – “Hole-In-Won”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Episode 702 – “A Distant Echo”

What are you excited to watch? P.s – If you’re looking for recommendations, I’ve compiled everything I love from Disney+ so far right here, and I’ll keep it updated!

P.s – Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to hit the share button below so your friends can read this awesome post as well. Comments are always appreciated and responded to. So gon’ and tell me how you REALLY feel! Thanks in advance! Now click around and read something else. Lol There are lots of suggestions below!

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