Evan Ross’ Restaurant Review: “The Hideaway” In LA Issa Vibe And Now I Can’t Wait To Go Back

by Shaye Wyllie
the hideaway beverly hills

Listen! Someone ask me on a date right now because I already know where I wanna go! Back to Evan Ross’ restaurant “The Hideaway” in Beverly Hills, baby.

And yes I know I currently live in NYC, and this will require someone to fly my bougie a** out to LA … just for dinner. But Nissan did it, so you can too! Okay!

And no, I’m not joking. If someone said today, “Hey Shaye do you wanna go to “The Hideaway” in Beverly Hills?” I’d say “Yes TF I do, just gimme a day to grab a new outfit!”

Listen, Evan Ross’ Restaurant “The Hideaway” In Beverly Hills Is A Vibe

the hideaway beverly hills

The night before the AAFCA Awards, aka my first night in Beverly Hills, Nissan treated us to dinner at “The Hideaway”, and it was perfecto! Of course, Nissan invited me to cover the 2024 AAFCA Awards in Beverly Hills, to highlight Black excellence in Film.

Not just to stuff my face.

But those chicken empanadas and wagyu flautas (pictured below) were everything!

chicken empanadas the hideaway restaurant

And the girls at my table raved about the cilantro lime rice and fish (below).

fish entree at beverly hills restaurant the hideaway

However — not only did I get to sit at the table amongst several other amazing Black women in Film + Media, and a few Black Nissan executives, which was incredible!

Jay Ellis also made a surprise appearance for dinner.

He’s super sweet! And laughed the entire night, with his Nissan family after telling us how much he loved working with Nissan because “it wasn’t just about selling cars, it was about making experiences”. Which ironically, is what my site is all about! Experiences!

Whether that’s the experience one gets from watching Black films + TV shows on a big screen (or at home), a bougie girl restaurant experience, a girls’ trip for your birthday, or even just a live show with your family.

It’s almost as if this Nissan x AAFCA trip was the universe’s way of reminding me that I belong.

Oh, and did I mention Evan Ross dropped by to say hello …

The restaurant is dimly lit, so when I first walked in I thought I was tripping. One moment I was saying good night to Evan Ross, like a giddy schoolgirl, trying to keep her cool.

And then poof, he was gone!

If it weren’t for this photo, I’d probably think I was crazy.

However, if you haven’t seen Jay’s Nissan commercial on TV yet …

I’m gon’ need you to turn off yo ad-free streaming services for a day and turn on yo regular degular TV, so you don’t miss out on his cute self driving a Nissan Pathfinder.

As soon as he walked in though, he raved about his matte green Nissan Ariya, and promised us all a ride, if we wanted one.

“It wasn’t just about selling cars it was about making experiences.”

– Jay Ellis

Sadly, too many people actually wanted one, so none of us got one! Or maybe that’s because he didn’t realize I’d actually take him up on the offer, and everyone would follow suit?

Doesn’t matter either way, because, after all that talk about a matte green Nissan, I needed to see it! And after I politely reminded him about that ride he offered, he took us down to the parking lot to check it out! And of course, now I want one for myself!

@shayewyllie Okay not really but he DID show me his car! 😍 (There were way too many people around for me to actually get a ride. 😩😂) #nissandiversity #nissanataafca #nissanariya #jayellis #insecurehbo #iwinyoulose #itsnotacompetition #issajoke ♬ original sound – jovynn

I’ll have to look into them once I learn how to drive? Please. I beg. Don’t make fun of me! I’m a New Yawker, through and through. Born and raised. Okay?!

But funny enough, I didn’t realize he was taking us to see his personal car! I for sure thought he was just borrowing a Nissan for the night, as influencers usually do. Until he asked us not to take photos of his license plate or his baby’s car seat!

I also didn’t know the man had a damn baby until he said that either!

Listen, we had a night okay!

But a good night! One that I’ll always remember!

And not just because we got to meet Evan Ross and Jay Ellis.

But also because of the conversations we had!

Brands always say they want our opinions on things, but there’s nothing like a sit-down dinner to really discuss your ideas with a few execs that could actually make those things happen!

And that’s literally what we did! But baby, when I say we — read “Tomika Bryant” (pictured above in white) who struck up an interesting conversation, about how women need cars that cater to them as well. And her idea was a good one! So I do hope they listen, and poll the market to see how many women could really benefit from this.

However, while I was at “The Hideaway” …

I couldn’t help but notice that the restaurant’s ambiance felt cozy, and perfect for date night!

Even for a first date!

I had two drinks from the cocktail menu — Kiwifruit and a Pink Margarita, both of which contained tequila, and you can’t go wrong with either! (Although I will say the Pink Margarita was a bit sweeter, so if sweet drinks are your vibe, grab two of those!)

And baby, the desserts are just as good as the drinks!

Honestly, this may be the very first time I’ve ever liked flan!

Look how cute our baby flan was!

We also had churros, but those didn’t even last long enough for us to grab a photo!

So yeah, I need another night at “The Hideaway” y’all!

I wanna try their “One Night in Tulum” cocktail, and a few more menu items! Plus I hear they have tequila buttons at the table, and I need to see it to believe it!

All in all, it was an incredible night!

And thanks to Nissan, I now have a new LA restaurant to visit, since I’m in LA so much now, it’s starting to feel like I live there part-time.

I just wish that Evan had stuck around long enough for me to personally tell him how great his restaurant is. Picky eater approved baby!

So if you’re ever in town, looking for a cozy dinner, be sure to pop by.

Oh, and they named this restaurant accurately because it really is hidden away! If you’re in town DM me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll tell ya exactly where to find it.

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