Party of Five Star Emily Tosta Joins Nicolas Cage In Wally’s Wonderland

If you’ve seen Freeform’s new show “Party of Five” then you know who Emily Tosta is. Maybe not by name, but definitely by face, and by her ‘spicy’ spirit displayed in the new show, as the older sister.

Well, this sister is now joining Nicolas Cage in his new movie “Wally’s Wonderland”.

Emily has officially been cast as the rebellious teenage lead in Nicolas Cage’s upcoming feature genre thrill ride Wally’s Wonderland, directed by Kevin Lewis (The Drop).

So what’s Nicholas Cage’s new movie Wally’s Wonderland all about?

Tosta’s character Liv, joins Cage’s character The Janitor, in their bid to survive a hellish night trapped inside an abandoned family entertainment center populated by possessed animatronics.

Yup, possessed animatronics! Whatever the hell that means.

However, if this is anything like what I’m imagining, I’m gonna have to go sit my narrow behind down as my mama would say, cause this one ain’t for me! Lol Horror/thriller fans – this one’s for you! Not I says the cat. lol

The film also stars Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men), Ric Reitz (The Resident) and Chris Warner (Machete).

Of course, Ms. Tosta is excited about the opportunity:

As she says, when asked about the film.

“I’m so excited to be working with Nicolas Cage, who has always been one of my favorite actors, in this totally fun and unique feature film,” said Tosta.

And Lewis, the movie director is just as excited.

“When I first saw Emily in Mayans M.C., I was struck by her unique combination of toughness and sensitivity and knew immediately we found our perfect Liv,” said Lewis.

More news coming soon! But until then, check out what else is coming out this year, and what’s coming out this month.

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