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How Doom Patrol Discusses Black Issues While The Umbrella Academy Aimlessly Highlights Them



Doom Patrol Vs The Umbrella Academy

This morning I had two people I thought were mentors call me a “lazy critic” because they assumed I didn’t watch the entire second season of The Umbrella Academy after I posted my review of Season 2 this morning.

Even though my review mentions I watched the entire thing. *pauses for dramatic effect*

Maybe it’s the fact that my post was titled, “If You Don’t Say ‘Season 2 Of The Umbrella Academy Was Great, Minus The Racism’ I’m Judging You” and they felt some type of way. *shrugs in confuzzlement*

At this very moment, I’m not sure because I’m still too mad to read the rest of their comments or private Facebook messages that were sent a few moments ago.

Because I’ll be honest, if there’s a private apology in those messages and that same apology wasn’t posted on this damn Facebook thread, where they openly called me a lazy critic, it’s going to send me down another hellish rabbit hole that I’m just not interested in revisiting right now.


I just took a cold shower in an attempt to calm down, because after struggling all weekend to keep it together for personal reasons, this shit really pissed me off.

These are women who supposedly took me under their wing last year, spoke highly of my writing abilities, and told me how they couldn’t wait for me to blow up because I was amazing.

When I wrote about how trash Playing With Fire was, they both laughed and agreed. But as soon as my opinion differed from what they’re probably used to, I became a “lazy critic”.

So before I get into my Doom Patrol vs The Umbrella Academy post (which you’re more than welcomed to skip this part and just jump to that comparison below if you’re not interested in my backstory) …

Please note that I’ve NEVER called myself a critic. I have no technical knowledge of films, which I hate and honestly, it’s something that bothers me every now and then. I wrote about this a while back. (Although I can’t seem to find the fudging post. Whatever!)


But growing up I wasn’t allowed to watch certain movies or tv shows. I wasn’t allowed to read certain books, or dance, or sing. (All things that I now realize are things I absolutely love.) So eventually I let it all go and stopped trying. I got tired of being screamed at for liking what I liked or being made fun of when I sang, so I let them all go!

Now I’m spending my 20’s struggling to find myself. I mean … I watched my pops give props to my daughter’s father when he mentioned he was trying to enter the music career, while vividly remembering how he wouldn’t even let me listen to music myself.

So there’s a lot that needs to be undone.

However, with knowing this, I’m still actively trying to learn. When I watch movies and tv shows, I try to pay attention to what really sticks out to me and why. I still can’t really voice my why yet, which I think is partly because of my lack of technical knowledge, so I’m on the search for a few books that will help.

With that said … because of all of the above, I always thought that what I did didn’t fit the “critic” bill. So I’ve never called myself that. 


It’s actually taken a LOT of encouragement from my coaches Brandi and Amiyrah, and friend Tanay for me to even consider myself as an Entertainment Writer.

Sometimes “blogger” seems to fit my writing style better, but Buzzfeed and Refinery29 writers aren’t called bloggers! And them folks make fun quizzes for a living!

So yeah … I don’t pretend to be this know it all critic. I write what I feel and that’s simply it.

But that long ass story brings me to why you’re really here …

How Doom Patrol Discusses Black Issues While The Umbrella Academy Aimlessly Highlights Them

On Facebook, I mentioned that I think Doom Patrol does a way better job than The Umbrella Academy when it comes to discussing Black issues.


The excuse this morning was that The Umbrella Academy DID discuss and combat racism, but honestly they didn’t. All they really did was highlight a few situations that we already knew happened.

They highlighted, not discussed.

You see The Umbrella Academy showed us what it was like to be Black in the ’60s. Which is great … if you’re white. But seeing as how things were still segregated then, reminding us that Black folks weren’t allowed in some restaurants, or allowed to try on clothes while shopping, isn’t really something to be proud of.

There weren’t any scenes of white folks standing up for their fellow neighbors, or speaking up for what they thought was wrong.

Which of course, at that time, maybe there weren’t too many white folks who did think it was wrong. However, watching racism isn’t something I enjoy doing in my past time, and without a scene to combat the actual issue, and remind us that racism IS wrong, all we’re left with is a series that highlighted racism.


And that’s okay!

If Season 2 doesn’t sicken you and make you cringe, then that’s okay. I don’t watch horror movies, and I barely watch thrillers, so clearly it’s just me and my weak stomach that isn’t able to watch certain topics playout before me.

But where The Umbrella Academy just highlights our issues, Black issues, and uses them as apart of their storyline, without so much as an afterthought of the audience that may have to endure it.

Doom Patrol discusses Black issues and really dives in to make sure it’s audience fully understands why certain things aren’t okay.

For instance, in Season 2 Episode 2, there’s a scene where Cyborg and a lady are out on a date, and at the end of their date, they go their separate ways. However, right before Cyborg fully leaves the street they’re on, some kid snatches his dates purse! Being the war vet that she is, she’s able to take down the thief herself, but being the “superhero” Cyborg is, he immediately runs over and tries to help.


He also does what he normally does when there’s a crime, and calls for the cops. But his date then challenges him to see the situation differently and asks him to let the kid go.

She then goes into quite the speech about how calling the cops on this kid could potentially ruin the rest of his life.

See the kid that snatched her purse was Black, and as she mentions to Cyborg, Black kids are punished more harshly for small crimes than White kids. She had no intentions of pressing charges but knew that if the cops came, things could go sideways quickly.

And the entire time the kid is just looking at them going back and forth, while he waits to find out if he can leave.

Cyborg’s date then mentions that pardoning this kid today could eventually set him on the right path. And she’s not wrong.


I’ve seen lots of kids come into my office with an attitude and leave with a different perspective because they weren’t punished but actually talked to instead.

Kids who often get in trouble eventually stop caring and continue to do what’s wrong.

But kids who are given a chance, as many chances as that may take sometimes, are eventually set on the right path.

They eventually let the kid go before the cops come, and my heart fills with glee.

You see, while Doom Patrol doesn’t talk about racism, it does talk about other issues that affect the Black community since there’s a Black character amongst the crew.


And to me, they do a much better job discussing these issues. Just because Allison was “apart of the movement” doesn’t mean The Umbrella Academy discussed racism.

All they really did was highlight what it was like to be Black during that time. They never once stopped to really dive into the issues or why it wasn’t okay.

But Doom Patrol my friends, not only highlighted a Black issue they also took the time to gracefully explain to us why it wasn’t okay! They basically paused their entire show and sat us down and had a one on one conversation with us about how Black kids aren’t treated fairly and have their entire lives ruined from small mistakes.

That scene didn’t have to be in there, but it WAS! And that made me love this show even more. So if you haven’t watched Season 2 of Doom Patrol yet, or even Season 1, please go check it out on HBO Max.

Oh and if you don’t think a kid snatching a purse, is small, or a mistake, then you’re also part of the problem. Because white kids make these mistakes all the time, and that’s exactly what they’re referred to as … mistakes.


Also, kids don’t snatch purses for fun, maybe adults that are sadistic do, but kids usually end up down that path due to hardship, or they were taught to act this way. So yeah, kids can learn from these mistakes without having to spend the next 20 years in jail!

Point is, Doom Patrol does a much better job discussing Black issues than The Umbrella Academy does! And I’m seriously disappointed in the new Season of The Umbrella Academy.

If you haven’t read my review of The Umbrella Academy yet, click here.

Shaye is an Entertainment Writer from Brooklyn, NY and a big fan of anything and everything superpowers related (especially if kids/teens are involved), cooking + baking shows (like MasterChef Junior and Cupcake Wars), teen dramas, sitcoms, comedies, and legal dramas. When she's not binging the latest series on Netflix or writing, you can find her spilling her thoughts on the Brown Side of Disney Chat or creating YouTube videos with her daughter for their new family site, Popcorn and Tater Tots.

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If You Can Get Past All The Fuckery In Peacemaker Episode 1 (Including Some Racism) You’re In For A Wild Explosive Finish



peacemaker episode 1 review

But again … that’s only if you can make it to the end of episode 1 of HBO Max’s new DC Comics “Peacemaker” series.

Which if I’m being honest, is a little hard to do.

I finally started the series last night, and I was a little surprised that it’s not as “light” as The Suicide Squad movie, which I loved.

While the movie was incredibly funny — because it was incredibly foolish, this series feels a tad bit more serious.

Episode 1 starts us off with one of my favorite comedy actors, Rizwan Manji (who I loved in Perfect Harmony), and for those first few minutes I thought we were getting a silly series similar to The Suicide Squad.


But something feels different about this. What exactly? Keep reading to find out.

Peacemaker Episode 1 Review

Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen Peacemaker episode 1 yet, this recap will spoil things a bit. Not much, so if you don’t mind small spoilers, you can totally read this. But if you loathe all kinds of spoilers, bookmark this joint and wait until you’ve seen the episode.

So, is it seeing John Cena’s bare ass on screen, in a hospital robe, that bothers me?

Of course not.

Despite me not liking the Peacemaker character, and not being attracted to the former wrestler, seeing his bare ass on screen isn’t what bothers me.

It’s also not the Black girl working at the hospital being a snitch.

Okay, okay fine. That bothered me a little bit.

But not as much as that foolish ass dance in the title sequence.


However, none of those bother me like hearing Danielle Brooks’ character Leota Adebayo say pussy over and over again.


Because if you watched Orange is the New Black, you remember how similar the words pussy and the name of her good friend Poussey sound!

And I’m still not over her death in the show. So yeah, that triggered a lot of feelings.

And on top of that, her character is married to a woman?

I’m a little tired of folks casting straight actors as gay characters, as if there aren’t any actual gay actors in the world?

But that’s another argument for another day. That you can expect to see soon, because I just watched Eternals and of course it’s the same shit there.


Anywho … the humor I thought would be in this, doesn’t hit like it did in The Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad was wild, and that’s what made it so intriguing to me. Although everything in the movie felt stupid, I could tell it all had a purpose. And it was SO damn insane that it made me laugh.

But I don’t get those same feelings from Peacemaker episode 1.

So when they made it absolutely clear that Peacemaker’s dad (played by Robert Patrick) is in fact racist.

Not just slightly racist because he says fucked up shit. No, no he’s actually racist!

That’s where it all went downhill for me.

And when Mr. Racist laughed at the story about Bloodsport being bitten by rats as a child, I lost it. Sir literally nearly died from laughter, and I just can’t.


I’m sensitive about kids and the way they’re treated. Can you tell?

So even though we learn that Peacemaker’s dad makes his helmets, and they all have special abilities, the racism is hard to get past.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bothered by how much people love throwing racism into tv shows that are meant to be “funny”.

I know James Gunn does crazy shit, and everyone loves him for it, but racism is hard to ignore when you’re Black.

I also get that he’s probably not making these series for me … or for us … so that’s another thing to take into consideration. White folks don’t get triggered by racism.

So racism, on top of an inhuman female killer machine, or whatever that “girl” was at the end, is a bit too much for my scary ass.


But the wicked cool explosion at the end almost makes cringing through this worthwhile.


I’m still not fully convinced that I should continue watching this, because the bone breaking sound effects feel like they belong in a horror film, and we all know how much I hate those.

But despite the fact that I’m easily frightened, hate horrors and thrillers, and hate seeing blood. There’s something so creative about the way James Gunn approaches explosions, that always excites me.

So the ending of episode 1 was kind of amazing. And exactly what I was hoping this series would be. The ending felt like The Suicide Squad, and I want more of that.

I’m just not sure this entire series is gonna be worth the watch. Because if I have to suffer through an entire 40+ minute episode just for a single, captivating moment that truly excites me, this one ain’t for me.

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Issa Rae Sent Fans On A Scavenger Hunt Throughout Inglewood To Celebrate ‘Insecure’ Final Season



insecure final season

If you’re an Insecure fan, then chances are … you’ve already seen the final season!

I haven’t but I know you have!

But what you probably haven’t seen is this cute video showcasing the scavenger hunt Issa sent fans on throughout Inglewood, California to celebrate Insecure’s final season! It actually looks pretty freaking cool!

So what was this ‘Insecure’ scavenger hunt (that I wasn’t invited to) all about?

Well … Issa Rae’s Audio Everywhere Company, Raedio, partnered with Community (an innovative text message marketing platform) on a first-of-its-kind live scavenger hunt activation.

The viral video creation agency, Keithcity Group (known for creating Bill Nye’s viral Tik Toks) planned and executed the videography of the event, as well as the post-event reel.


The scavenger hunt, designed for Insecure superfans to celebrate the show’s final season (and featuring a final soundtrack produced by Raedio), took place in Inglewood, California, last month. Last freaking month! And yet nobody told me? I coulda used an excuse to visit Cali last month man!

Anywho … Fans received exclusive Insecure-themed messages and videos via text that led them to several landmark locations and small businesses spotlighted in Rae’s hit HBO show.

The scavenger hunt culminated in a private immersive experience.

The Insecure Final Season Scavenger Hunt …

  • Took fans to black-owned businesses in Leimert Park and businesses featured on Insecure, including the place Rae tried to make a difference in the Inglewood Community during the first half of the series.
  • Gifted Raedio prizes to fans, such as hand sanitizer, t-shirts, and tote bags upon arrival at different locations.
  • Spotlighted The Coffee Shop co-owned by Issa Rae, and upon arrival, fans found the QR code that led them to a clue about the second location via text message.
  • Culminated with a private event where fans got to hear the season five soundtrack, produced by Raedio. Music artists featured on the soundtrack, like B.K. Habermehl and Josh Levi, also attended this private event.

So yeah, it sounds pretty cool, and a really special way for fans to celebrate a show they loved! I’m hoping we get more events like this in 2022. That I get invited too. Just saying.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the scavenger hunt was like …

All 5 seasons of Insecure are now streaming on HBO Max.

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8 Of The Best Quotes From Dune



dune movie quotes

Listen, if you haven’t seen the new Dune film yet … I’m sorry, but you missed out! The moment it comes back on HBO Max you better RUN! I’m still shocked at how much I enjoyed it, and I watched it at home! And if I’m being completely honest, I’m still kicking myself for not seeing it in theaters.

However, while watching the Dune movie on HBO Max, I couldn’t help but notice these quotes. These quotes are my absolute fave so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here Are The Best Quotes From The “Dune” Movie

“If you want it, make me give it to you.”

“Dreams make good stories. But everything important happens when we’re awake.”

“You fight when necessity rises no matter the mood.”

“They’re not human they’re brutal.”

“Don’t be too sure it’s an act of love.”

“You dismiss my mother in her own house.”

“So much potential wasted in a male.”

“Should we remove them, save the water?”

Are any of these quotes above your favorite? Did I miss a good one that you loved?

If so, leave your favorite quotes in the comments below!

Dune is no longer streaming on HBO Max, but it’ll be back soon!

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