Doom Patrol S2 E1 Recap: Dorothy’s Powers Explained

by Shaye Wyllie
doom patrol season 2 episode 1 dorothy

Yesterday, I binged TF outta Doom Patrol Season 1 so I could watch Season 2 today! Like, I’m talking, 13 1 hr episodes in one day! I don’t even remember wtf happened in episode 14 and 15 I was so damn tired. Lol

But when I first saw the Doom Patrol Season 2 artwork (which looks dope AF) a few days ago, I was immediately intrigued!

I hadn’t even heard about the show (I guess because it’s on HBO which wasn’t on my radar until they released HBO Max) so I had no clue what to expect.

All I knew was if their poster art was so intriguing I needed to find out if the show would be as great! Which of course it f*cking was! Lol

I’ll have my thoughts up about season 1 in a few since I know you’re gonna be wondering once you read this.

However, let’s talk about Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 1 first! Cause yes this show is still weird AF! And now we have a whole new character to worry about.

Okay, so here it is, my …

Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

doom patrol season 2 hbo max poster

First, we get to see Dorothy’s back story which of course is just as sad as the others.

So apparently Dorothy (the chief’s daughter) was apart of a circus!

I’m not sure how she f*cking got there if her ass was THE CHIEF’s daughter!

They haven’t told us that yet.

But I’m assuming after Dorothy’s mom (who I realize now maybe that cavewoman the chief met so long ago) gave birth, SOMETHING happened and Dorothy was captured.

There’s still no speak of her mom, but apparently, she’s gone and we don’t really know what happened to her.

Whatever, moving on! Lol

So Dorothy is some “circus freak” who they force to show one of her little “inside friends” to the world on command, and one-day things go terribly wrong.

Dorothy loses control of her beast friend, and while she’s silently wishing things would stop, her (who I’m calling her genie friend for now because we still haven’t seen who it actually is) genie friend tells her to make a REAL wish so he can save her.

To much dismay, when the birthday candle rises from the center of Dorothy’s palm, she reluctantly blows it out and makes her wish.

Things go bad, and then they get really still and she’s saved. This is where she ends up meeting the chief.

Poor man probably didn’t even know he had a f*cking kid until that very moment. Lol

Anywho, I’m glad Dorothy got her little ass up outta there cause them folks were disgusting! And not just the people who captured her, the audience too. Like WTF!

They called her the ape faced girl, and so someone threw a banana at her cage.

Then someone (not sure if it was the same idiot or a different fool) said “I got something else long and sweet for ya” and I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusted, aside from when I watched the first episode of Crossing Swords on Hulu.

I’m not sure what the f*ck is going on in folks brains these days but these rape jokes aren’t funny or cool and I need them to f*cking stop!

It’s disgusting, and if your brain is telling you to WRITE that shit in a show, you need to be evaluated as well.

Cause as many borderline racists jokes I say (based on stereotypes not racism) if I’m offended, Houston we have a problem!

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doom patrol season 2 episode 1 recap

Doom Patrol– Ep.201 — “Fun Size Patrol” — Photo Credit: Mark Hill/ 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Then Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 1 explains Dorothy’s “powers”.

So just like how Jane has a ton of different personalities inside of her, Dorothy also has a few friends inside of her.

Only, Jane turns into her friend when they come out, and Dorothy’s “friends” are released from inside of her when they come out.

So both, Dorothy and whichever friend decides it’s time to play, are on the surface.

So far we’ve been introduced to four of Dorothy’s friends. I’m not sure if she has more, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be surprised if she did. Lol

But there’s the beast, who I for some reason just realized is similar to the beast her mom would summon.

Then there’s some woman she calls Darling, and a huge freaking spider, think Harry Potter spider. Lol

Last but not least is our “genie” friend who we still haven’t seen physically yet, but we know he exists.

Each friend comes out when Dorothy is feeling scared, or upset, etc. and they’re hard for her to control, despite this child being alive for literally YEARS. Lol

doom patrol season 2 episode 1 hbo max

Photo Credit: Mark Hill/ 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Anywho, Dorothy is settling in well and you can tell she likes her new friends, the Doom Patrol, not the ones inside.

Dorothy has a name for all the others she’s met and spent several weeks with as they’re stuck in their miniature states.

She calls Robotman the “tin man”, of course. Lol I totally compared him to the tin man as well in my Season 1 notes.

Apparently Cyborg is the only superhero. Lol Which isn’t really a lie, since he’s always been one since before this mess.

But also a tad bit false now that the Doom Patrol has saved her ass. Lol Technically they’re all heroes now, right? Right!

And she calls Rita the fair princess! Ain’t that cute? Lol Jane is just a “sad girl” to her, but that’s because Jane is struggling again.

However, I’m mad they put this girl back in tents! Lol They couldn’t make tiny houses in their tiny world?

Isn’t a tent still traumatizing for Dorothy? I imagine it would be, but then again, since it’s all she knows, maybe it’s also comforting?

Who the hell am I kidding? That shit is not comforting. Them beds don’t even look soft. But whatever, who am I to judge? Lol

Oh, and the ONLY one who wasn’t tiny is Larry, who they got making “tiny” pancakes. Lol And when you see how BIG those tiny ass pancakes really are in their miniature world you’re gonna laugh like I did. Lol

doom patrol Larry

Photo Credit: Mark Hill/ 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

But whatever … here’s everything else that happened in Episode 1.

Robotman is “feeding” rats, aka bringing them cheese and then punching them when they rush him. (Lord help him. Lol)

Oh and he’s also screaming at little girls apparently, then taking them on fast car rides? Lol (Which by the way is how we get a sneak peek of Darling, so pay attention cause I totally missed that first look.)

He also flashes back to when he was younger before he married his wife, and we see him having a difficult convo with his dick of a dad. (And that’s when you realize the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Lol)

Rita is tryna do yoga and control her powers. (Which I feel like sis shoulda been worked on, but okay. Better late than never. Lol)

And at least she’s doing SOMETHING right?

Cyborg is tryna help Rita with her powers while struggling with his own thoughts. He ends up having a mini episode when he thinks Mr. Nobody has set a trap for them while they all go looking for Dorothy who’s missing.

Larry, as we know, is still normal-sized but he’s struggling as well, and gets flashbacks of his life when he was an asshole to his kid and then a flash of seeing his kid as an older adult, well try old man, not an adult. Lol

Jane is using drugs still, as always, to help numb her pain. But this time she’s not only smoking the world’s tiniest joint, she’s also injecting some sort of drug into her system that was made for Dorothy.

Dorothy is dealing with all the mean grown-ups, cause not only is Robotman screaming at her, but so is Jane.

Yet she says that she knows “being a grown-up is hard and sometimes you have to scream to get the bad feelings out”.

Which made me super sad as a parent to hear her say because I do it too.

The Chief is out making plans and deals again to get the crew back to their regular size as if he hasn’t learned how bad things end when he makes deals with others.

But ya know, whatever floats ya boat sir, and whatever gets the trick done right?

So yes, if you were wondering, Doom Patrol Season 2 is still as weird as ever.

From a rat having babies and then eating its young right in front of poor little Dorothy, to Dorothy’s weird friends, to the gang just magically becoming big again!

It’s still one hell of a ride.

But as Jane (and all her other personalities) said – it’s time for a change.

I mean, as much shit that has happened, they still haven’t really changed much. Yeah, they’ve grown a tad, but not as much as you would think, for folks who have been alive for DECADES! They’re still angry, and frustrated, and upset, and broken, and hurt, and depressed, and scared, and most of all alone.

Despite living together at the Doom Manor.

So yeah, I agree it’s time for a change. It’s time these so called heroes figure out how to use their damn powers, get a grip and just accept who they are so they can move on from the tired story that is their current life.

Which I guess is a testament to real life and how we dwell on the bad for way too long!

Anywho, episode 1 ends with Dorothy thinking her dad is dying, and her genie friend tryna convince her to make a wish. Which we all know, there’s a price to pay when you make a wish, so she’s decided not to, and goes to bed.

I’m excited to see what happens next. BUT, since I got to watch this in advance thanks to HBO Max, I look forward to hearing what you think once you watch Doom Patrol Season 2 Episode 1.

Season 2 of Doom Patrol releases on June 25th.

Make sure you grab your HBO Max subscription here so you can watch it!

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