WTF? I’m Actually Excited To See Dolittle Now! I Just Watched The Trailer And WOW

by Shaye Wyllie
dolittle trailer robert downey jr

Okay listen, so Dolittle comes out in a few days on Jan 17th, 2020, and I literally just watched the trailer for it. Lol But like … I knew about it since last year! So why didn’t I watch the Dolittle trailer, staring Robert Downey Jr, the first chance I got? Simple!

Cause I ain’t want too!

When I say I almost flipped a few tables when I heard Universal Pictures was making another Dolittle, with a white lead at that, I almost lost my shit! Like seriously! I can still hear me screaming, “WTF was wrong with the first Dr. Dolittle? Is it because he was Black?” And I was serious AF! Not kidding what so ever!

So right there and then, I decided I was boycotting the new Dolittle. But seeing as how my daughter and I was invited to an event, which is tomorrow, I figured I should at least be a good little girl and watch the trailer. Well …

dolittle robert downey jr

The Dolittle Trailer, Staring Robert Downey Jr, Blew Me Away

And I’m not even freaking kidding!

Now I’m sitting here mad at myself for waiting SO long! Lol See what I get for being a petty little baby? Lol Out here blocking blessings! *sigh*

I am now in love with the idea of Robert Downey Jr playing Dolittle and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you need to NOW!

Like, stop what you’re doing and just watch it!

Yes, “Dolittle” isn’t the same as the Dr. Dolittle we know and love, but I think we’re going to enjoy this version just as much as the one from our childhood.

First of all, I don’t have the faintest idea why I almost jumped outta my seat (well outta my bed, cause I’m in bed working today lol ok as ALWAYS lol) when the bird spoke, but I did!

As if I’ve never heard an animal speak before! Lol All I ever do is watch animation movies and here I am shocked that an animal is speaking in a movie about a doctor who can SPEAK to animals? Lol Get it together Shaye!

But I truly enjoy movies where the animals talk because they always have these awesome personalities. (Maybe I just hate people? That could be an idea worth revisiting later when we have time. Lol I mean, I’m a Virgo, so it’s possible?)

I’ve always loved animals though!

While Universal Pictures new Dolittle movie may share almost the same title and concept as the previously released Dr. Dolittle movie they’re completely different.

For one, the genres are completely different!

Dr. Dolittle was clearly a comedy, while Dolittle will be an adventure movie.

dolittle movie

But the plot lines and feel of both movies also differ.

Dr. Dolittle was light hearted, hilarious, and had Eddie Murphy locked away in a mental institution after his wife found out he could talk to animals and thought he was losing his mind!

Which by the way … is a typical Black woman reaction! Lol

Have you seen Raising Dion on Netflix yet? Dion’s aunt didn’t believe his mom either when she told her Dion had powers, and what was her first reaction? “Sis you losing it, I think you need some time away … let me just lock you away, in this nice little room for awhile. I promise it’s only until you become sane again.” Lol *sigh*

(P.s – If you DO watch Raising Dion, Season 2 was confirmed, more info here.)

On the other hand, after watching the Dolittle trailer, it seems that in this version Robert Downey Jr will be bringing us all along on his wildly intense trip to a mythical island in search for a cure for a young Queen Victoria, who’s extremely ill. And although Dolittle also had a wife, she’s no longer around.

I think that’s why I’m so excited for this!

Not only are the location shots in the trailer absolutely breathtaking but I love that the story is now a bit more dramatic.

Yes he can still talk to animals, but the reason he’s talking to animals is quite different. (Also, I can’t help but think … if the trailer was beautiful on my laptop screen, imagine what it’ll look like on a big screen with awesome sound!)

So even though I was super reluctant last year to go see Dolittle, I’m glad we got invited to this CAMP x Dolittle event (which I’ll tell you more about tomorrow).

Had it not been for this event I probably would have missed out on what looks like an awesome movie! (Just like how my silly ass almost didn’t watch Us or Queen and Slim. Smh! I keep saying I just need to watch everything that I can and determine if I like it afterwards. But these internal biases man. Lol)

Watch the Dolittle trailer below

Wanna know more about Dolittle?

Here’s the full storyline + cast, plus 9 character posters that tell us exactly who plays what animal.

Now what do you think? Does this trailer make you want to see Robert Downey Jr in the new version of Dolittle?

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Cyn Gagen February 13, 2020 - 7:01 pm

I haven’t seen it but I can’t wait to. Doctor Doolittle was one of my favorite movies and books when I was little. But that Doctor Doolittle (who was the first one) wasn’t black The first Doctor Doolittle was Rex Harrison.

Shaye Wyllie February 13, 2020 - 11:11 pm

Yeah. I found that out AFTER! Lol I had no clue Dr. Dolittle and Dolittle were two different things! Lmaooo So I was mad for no reason! Lol


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