The Dolittle Family Blogger Event Was Super Fun, For My Daughter At Least (Recap)

by Shaye Wyllie

A few days ago my daughter and I were invited to a small blogger event here in NYC, in celebration of the Dolittle (2020) movie theater release on Jan 17th, 2020. And let’s just say that, the event was SUPER fun for my daughter, but for me? Not so much!

Here’s why …

Dolittle 2020 Movie Family Blogger Event In NYC Recap

The event was yesterday, but my arm still hurts from holding all my daughters stuff!

From the moment we walked into the store where the Dolittle 2020 movie event was being held, my daughter was excited! Apparently she completely forgot about being hungry! Lol I had to stop her and make her eat something!

She ate a croissant, literally ONE croissant, and that was it! She was ready to go!

Dolittle Movie Blogger Event at CAMP Stores Breakfast

In her defense, we were almost 30 mins late because I couldn’t find the damn mall on 34th street, so maybe she was just tired of being lost and finally happy we were at the party! Anywho, I scarfed a few chocolate croissants down and drank my orange juice as fast as I could before we began to explore!

There were a few different activities for the kids to do, like making an animal puppet, getting an animal balloon made, and even a music sing a long session that was perfect for the younger kids. But my daughter LOVES slides, so once her Parrot balloon was made, she ran off to the slides.

I asked her about making a puppet, and she kindly refused!

Instead she made some new friends on the slides and spent the next 30 mins playing with them while I held ALL her shit and stood up against the wall, like one ah them dudes from the hood who doesn’t dance and insists on holding up the wall while he sips his drink and nods at everyone that walks by him. Lol

But I guess I should be happy that for once I didn’t have anxiety about standing around by myself! So actually now that I think about it, I did pretty good yesterday!

But then again, maybe the anxiety didn’t kick in because I had a TON of shit in my hand? I was too busy hoping I wouldn’t drop it all, to be worried about who was wondering why I was standing alone “refusing” to mingle. Lol

I had her jacket, her balloon parrot, plus her mini book bag, which was heavy because she had her damn Nintendo Switch in it – which was DEAD – so she didn’t even get to use it on the train aka it was in her bag for NO reason whatsoever. Lol


Dolittle Movie Blogger Event at CAMP Stores ice cream

However, she had a great time, and even slipped away from her friends to go get herself a free cup of ice cream! Lol

(When I went to grab some for myself, after the event had ended, they told me she was the ONLY one to get ice cream for FREE! So I guess she did good! Lol)

Shaye Wyllie at Dolittle Movie Blogger Event at CAMP Stores

We even bought a few things before leaving. (Okay, well SHE bought a few things using the gift card she got for Christmas. Lol)

But I may have influenced her purchase.

I’m tired of her reading the same book over and over on the train, so I had her get a new book! I also FORCED her to buy earrings, since they were 22k carrot gold and she can’t wear fake jewlery. (Listen they were little kitty cats, which is one of her favorite animals, so they were needed!)

Then I showed her where the lip gloss was, knowing she’d want one, so she’d feel better about buying something she didn’t want. LOL

But as you can see she had a great time, so doesn’t even matter.

Check out my video recap below to see how much fun she had, and to see what else you can purchase at CAMP. (I can’t wait to visit CAMP again!)

Will you be seeing Dolittle in theaters? Not sure yet? Check out my review of the Dolittle movie trailer here.

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