American Black Film Festival 2020: 16 Thoughts I Had While Watching Dolapo Is Fine

So yesterday I announced that I was covering the American Black Film Festival and all of the films I was looking forward to covering over the next few days. And first up on the festival’s agenda, was the HBO Short Film Competition, which I attended (virtually) last night. A few of the films I saw, weren’t even on my radar initially, but Dolapo Is Fine was definitely on my list to watch and I’m absolutely thrilled that I got to see it.

Dolapo Is Fine is about, a Black girl who is set to graduate her British boarding school, and is pressured to conceal her natural hair, and to change her name so she can “fit in” and get a job in finance.

Here Are 16 Thoughts I Had While Watching Dolapo Is Fine


1. I already love this and I would be dancing to this song if my head wasn’t hurting.

2. Yessss! I love thisssss!


3. She told her she couldn’t have an afro if she wanted to work in finance but it’s only ok if she wanted to work in fashion? *rolls eyes*

4. Why should she be called Dolly!? Or change her hair? Exactly. She shouldn’t! That’s why! End of story. Don’t at me!

5. Music is on point but of course it is, it’s African, and African music is dope AF!

6. Her parents are hilarious!

7. Her head itching already? Damn the struggle! (I don’t share in this struggle though, sorry y’all, it’s not for me.)

8. This notion that beauty is pain is ridiculous!

9. This is edited so well! OMG!

10. And the visuals of the Indian girl with *omitted*. Listennnn!

11. Y’all are gonna love this! I love this!

12. Why do we as Black women or Black men have to change who we are, our name, our hair, how we dress, all of it!? Why do we have to change any of it?

13. Listening to her saying her name over and over to remind herself not to shorten her name makes me so emotional for some reason.

14. Yessssss DOLAPO IS FINE … Yesss B*xch tell them!!!! Call me by my name and that’s that! Ain’t no Dolly nothing! (Ignore the fact that I use my nickname though, because I still don’t care for my first name. But I will definitely make you spell/say that shit right because people still get it wrong. Ummm, it’s Shay with an E, Shaye, not Shay. Spell it write, and make your autocorrect learn it.)

15. But um I love this! I’m gonna show this to my daughter. All kids need to see this honestly, they could use this in school for kids to teach self confidence for interviews and stuff.

16. I really loved this.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what went through my head while watching this.

I’ll have a full review of the movie up soon.

This was only one of the five films in this category, so once I’m done reviewing them all, I’ll let you know which short film I loved the best, and who I hope wins the American Black Film Festival HBO Short Film Competition!

Then we’ll get to see if my instincts are as great as I think they are, at the end of the festival during the awards show.

Click here to sign up for a “Community Pass” to the American Black Film Festival so you can watch the Dolapo Is Fine movie for free.

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  • Carol Leth
    3 months ago Reply

    What song played at the start, as well as during the credits, of “Dolapo Is Fine?”

    • Shaye Wyllie
      1 month ago Reply

      I’m not sure dear, and I can’t go back and check. But I coulda swore I saw it was streaming somewhere. Yup it’s streaming on HBO Max if you wanna check t out. It may say in the credits! 🙂

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